Work With Matt Inner Freedom Groups (Pre-launch Offer)

"Want Me To Create An ‘Inner Freedom’ Group Coaching Program For You…

…And Make The Shift To Complete ‘Inner Freedom’ In This Lifetime?

…Then here’s a very special one-time early-bird offer!"

"If enough people grab this opportunity today and make this Group Program viable, I’ll do it. If they don’t, I won’t. So if you seriously want ‘Inner Freedom Group Coaching,’ then act today on this unprecedented offer! You probably won’t see an opportunity this good to work with me directly again… probably not in a very long time!"


From The Desk of Matt Clarkson
Koh Samui, Thailand.

15 June 2016

Dear Friend,

Having received all the 1-to-1 clients I can handle, I’m now looking for a small group of clients to work with – to “finish the job” of inner clearing and make the shift to FULL self-realization, wholeness, and inner freedom!

If you’re not comfortable making the investment of $997 per month to work with me 1-to-1, then working in a small group might be better for you.

If you truly want inner freedom, please READ ON. There may not be an opportunity like this again for a very long time!

To be totally upfront and frank, I’m not sure if we have sufficient numbers of "serious" people on our list to make an "Inner Freedom Group" viable at this time. It might have to wait while we focus on growing our community to sufficient numbers first.

But today, I’m going to make a special "one-time early bird" offer to find out!

This means that you get a very special discount — because you understand I haven’t finalized the exact details or created any fancy marketing materials for this yet! 😉

Now if enough people grab this, then I will absolutely put the time and effort in to deliver the "Inner Freedom Foundations Group Coaching" Program for you. You’ll receive steps for getting started in the next 3 business days!

If not enough people join us, then I promise you’ll get your money back in the next few days (absolute max. 7 days).

IF…. we get the green light, I will personally work with the group to clear everything holding you back — until you create the life you want, and complete inner freedom is your living, breathing, moment-by-moment reality.

And that’s a promise!  🙂

Now I know that’s quite a claim!

So before I give you the details on this "one-time early bird" deal, please allow me to clarify:

What do I mean by “complete inner freedom”?  And is that even possible in this lifetime?

I’m sure you’ve heard things like, “There is only Oneness” and “I already am the complete, liberated Self that I’m seeking”.  

I’m guessing you’ve even had some profound experiences of this “self-realized” state (or whatever words you prefer – it really is beyond words). 

Maybe it was during meditation or some other “peak experience” in life, which is all good…

But, an “experience” is not the same as *living it* moment-by-moment!

Of course, it’s wonderful to have profound experiences of inner freedom and oneness! 🙂

And it’s fine to have spiritual beliefs too…

But the FINAL goal of inner clearing is to go beyond ALL beliefs about freedom, and single experiences of freedom…

The endgame is for the complete “self-realized” state to be your living, moment-by-moment experience.


IMPORTANT: Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean that there are not still patterns and tendencies to clear. There are – ha! It’s just that we’re living life from the perspective of freedom, not the suffering "me" anymore! It’s a huge difference in perspective! 🙂

In short, I’m talking about being it and knowing it all the time — making the shift to living AS the pure awareness, joy, bliss, and presence that is your Core essence. 

Can you imagine what your life would be like if this were your moment-by-moment “normal” reality? Pretty good, huh? Or you might be wondering…

Is complete “inner freedom” even possible in this lifetime? 

And the answer is, “Yes, absolutely!” 

In my experience, it’s absolutely doable if it’s really important enough to you.

You just need 3 things:

1) You must CHOOSE to “go for it” – until it becomes your moment-by moment “normal” reality.

You see, without knowing it, most people are choosing to be disempowered — and that’s a big reason why complete liberation never happens. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Real transformation starts with the simple CHOICE to have complete inner freedom. And remember, you ALWAYS have the power to choose this at any time, no matter what.

2) You need the right knowledge and support.

Once you’ve decided to go for it and be “complete inner freedom”, then you have to do the right things. The practical reality is that some things help to open you to “the truth” while others obscure it.

It’s no good facing west and waiting to see the sun rise.  You have to move in the right direction and do the right things.  But once you’ve actually decided to go for it, it’s a lot easier than you think.  

3) You must do it in a way that actually works well for YOU. 

Finally, I’ve found that complete “self-realization” is not a “one size fits all” proposition. 

FACT: We’re all starting from different places and have different blocks AND opportunities to advance the transformation. What works wonders for you may not be the same as what works for others.

The key is to know what the best steps are for YOU and your life — for your particular starting point, your preferences, your tendencies…

And that’s why I’m going to work directly with you in a small group over the next 12 weeks… to address YOUR exact needs!

The best part?

You get a super-amazing discount today as part of this "one-time early-bird" registration offer…. because you understand I haven’t finalized the exact details or created any fancy marketing materials yet. 🙂

So let’s not beat around the bush!

Here’s what I’m able to do for you today…

As you know, the investment to work with me 1-to-1 is $997 per month. But if we can get a viable group together, I’m prepared to lower that fee considerably for the greater good, and so you can personally benefit! :).

So, here’s what you get in the all-new 12-week "Inner Freedom Foundations Group Coaching" Program!

1) At the start of your week, a short video/audio covering key clearing concepts, meditations, and exercises to create your strong "inner freedom foundations". (12 weekly modules).

2) At the end of each week, a 60-minute live Group Q&A call — to clear sticking points, answer questions, and get support. You also get the recordings and the opportunity to email in your questions if you can’t make it live. (12 weekly calls + recordings)

3) OPTIONAL: "Track your practice" accountability for maximum clearing results! At the start of the program, you’ll have the option to define your daily clearing practice of choice (e.g. 20 minutes qigong, meditation, releasing…. whatever!)

You’ll then receive access to an online tracking tool to help you track your progress. That way, you create accountability to me and the group which helps you follow through. And of course, we can work on resistance and whatever the practice is bringing up. This part is optional, but highly recommended.

All of this is designed to maximize your inner clearing results and full realization of the inner freedom that you are!

For this special one-time early bird offer, I’m significantly lowering the rate… for today only!

If enough people grab this opportunity, we’ll do it. If not, I promise your money will be refunded within 7 days!

This is a 12 week program because in my experience, that’s the minimum amount of time that it takes to engrain new habits and create a new baseline in your consciousness.

Rather than invest $997 per month to work with me 1-to-1, today I’m offering two options for this 12-week "Inner Freedom Foundations Group Coaching" Program.

If you’re serious about freedom, you have two incredible options:

OPTION A: Just ONE payment of $1197 $499!


OPTION B: Just THREE payments of $399 $199 per month!
(first today, the remaining in 30 and 60 days’ time)

IMPORTANT: Please don’t sign up if you’re only planning to do this for one month and then quit. It would be unfair on everyone, including yourself. This is a 3-month program by design — you’ll get results when you take it seriously and commit to all 3 months.

And remember, I’ve significantly lowered the rate today with the intention of getting a solid, viable group together.

Remember, the investment is $997 per month to work with me 1-to-1. And the last time I did groups, I charged $399 per month. Today I’m offering to slash the rate by a staggering 50%!

Trust me, it won’t get any better than this! 🙂

This is a one-time offer — simply because if we don’t get enough people to join right now, I’m not prepared to put any more time and energy into it at this time! 😉

I’ll be focusing largely on traffic generation and building our community so that programs like this can work better in the future. In which case, I will pull this offer and refund any payments made within 7 days – I promise!

So it’s now or never, baby! 🙂

Or at least now, or, not for a very long time.

So honestly, which would you rather have?

Your limitations or complete inner freedom? Your choice!

Could you choose “complete inner freedom” now? You won’t see another opportunity to work with me directly anytime soon…

So please, if you want complete inner freedom, seize this opportunity to work with me on the "Inner Freedom Group Coaching Foundations" Program! Trust me, it will be fun. 😉

Now, let me explain exactly what happens when you do….

Here’s what happens next…

1) After making your payment, you’ll receive an email receipt (always check your spam folder!!!)

2) Next, you’ll be hearing from me within 3 business days with an update. The group will either be happening or it won’t. If it won’t, we’ll return your payment within a few days. I’ll say a maximum of 7 days to be on the safe side. If the group is happening, we’ll let you know within 3 business days.

3) Please wait 3 business days and if you ever need help, you can contact us by opening a support ticket at

I’m holding in mind that you and enough people go for this… and make this group viable because it will be awesome. So, if you want inner freedom….

Choose one of the options, make your payment, and let’s do this!!! 🙂

OPTION A: Just ONE payment of $1197 $499!


OPTION B: Just THREE payments of $399 $199 per month!
(first today, the remaining in 30 and 60 days’ time)

OK, enough said. Whatever this community wants to do is okay with me.

I’m on a mission, hallelujah! 🙂

Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you soon! 🙂

For inner freedom, yo!

– Matt Clarkson

The Mind-Body Training Company

P.S. Do you know how long it took to write this "short" letter – a freakin looooonnng time. Actually, "I" didn’t write it, but nevertheless, let’s hope it works for everyone. Then again, who knows what the One has planned for us? "This or something better," right? 🙂