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Our gift to you is free access to stream and listen to the first 7 days of "basic training" during the event….

The full 21-day program builds on the first 7 days to further raise your vibration with higher-level abundant energy sessions!

Upgrade today and enjoy *permanent access* to the entire program — listen whenever you want. You can steam/download ALL the audios and transfer them to your favorite music system or mobile device.

(If you have a mobile device, doing the sessions in the gym is wonderful, and practicing outdoors in nature can be absolutely glorious!)

Be good to yourself! Make this transformational program your own and enjoy a complete energetic
workout for your mind, body and spirit whenever and wherever you need it! 🙂

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Here’s what you get when you upgrade:


Stream/download the entire program, which includes:
  • All 21 "Matt’s Welcome Q&A / Insight Of The Day" audio lessons to accompany the daily practice sessions. Here, Matt answers your participant questions to help you ease past sticking points and get the most from your sessions. He also gives you ideas and insights to contemplate during your day to help you stay connected to your joyful inner core, even when life isn’t going your way.
  • Abundant Energy Sessions For Week 1, 2 and 3 (beginning with an easy warm-up session on Day 1, each session builds on the previous day, so you effortlessly nurture your new practice skills, release deeper emotional blocks, and raise your energetic frequency to the highest levels. Now you can catch up on any days you missed and continue with the program yourself anytime you need it!


FAST-ACTION BONUS #1: 3 Abundant Energy Sessions (with minimal instructions)!

By the end of the 21 days, you’ll have several techniques and possibilities to play with during your practice sessions. By then, you may enjoy fewer instructions on the audios so you have more space to experiment and focus into your own
practice more.

With that in mind, when you upgrade today, you’ll also get three *bonus* abundant energy sessions. These are the same sessions from Week 1, 2 and 3, but with minimal instructions so you can focus on playing and enjoying the skills
you have learned, while going deeper into your joyful practice:

  • Week 1 Abundant Energy Session – 5 minutes breath-walking, 5 minutes standing meditation, and 5 minutes conscious creation.
  • Week 2 Abundant Energy Session – 5 minutes breath-walking, 10 minutes standing meditation, and 8 minutes conscious creation.
  • Week 3 Abundant Energy Session – 5 minutes breath-walking, 12 minutes standing meditation, and 12 minutes conscious creation.

FAST-ACTION BONUS #2: Component Practice Tracks To “Create Your Own Sessions!”

There are times when, rather than doing the full session, you just want to focus on *one* aspect of the abundant energy session….

For example, it’s weekend and you have a little extra time to do some breath-walking in nature today. Or you’ve just got home from work, and rather than do the full session, for now you just want to do the standing meditation to relax and ground your energy. Or you have a few minutes before bed and just want to do some conscious creation, makes sense?

When you upgrade today, you’ll also get all 7 “component practice tracks.” This means that for any of the abundant energy sessions from weeks 1-3, you can do *any* component part of the practice on its own…. anytime you want.

It also means you can *create your own* abundant energy sessions using your music player’s "playlist" feature. How cool is that?


FAST-ACTION BONUS #3: Abundant Energy Seated Meditation Session


Standing meditation is a core part of this program. It’s important that you steadily practice to the point where 12 minutes per day is easy. It will make such a difference to your energetic vibration when you do! That said, there are also times when you’ll prefer to be seated to go deeper into the stillness. This will help develop your energy and awareness to a much higher level.

Can’t focus during meditation? No problem! In this meditation you simply let go, gently feel the inside of your body, and allow the energy to settle in your lower Dantien (lower abdomen). Again, this meditation is totally flexible so you can practice for 20 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. You can also select whether you prefer to listen with or without the music.


NEW! Fast-Action Bonus #4: Abundant Energy “Joyful Movement" Audio Session!

In this bonus audio session, Matt guides you in a 15-minute "light-cardio" or "joyful movement" session. You’ll begin with easy and energizing breath-walking, and gradually increase the intensity to the extent that your system is feeling better and better. Download this audio, transfer to your favorite music system, and play outside in nature, or on the go. Simply exhilarating!



If this program does not super-charge your energetic vibration, release your stress, and deepen your spiritual connection like never before, simply let us know within 60 days of purchase for an immediate no-hassle refund.

Now all the risk is on us for your highest and best good!

Order Today And Make This Transformation Daily Practice Ritual Your Own.

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Very Special Limited-Time Offer!

Upgrade Today And Save 41% On The Full Price!

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