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  • 7 x guided healing meditations to clear anything holding you back step-by-step!
  • That’s all there is! Really – this program is designed to be quick and compact! It takes just 30 minutes per day (approx.) and then you either feel "done" or you repeat the process as needed!



DAY 1. What do you *really* need to know to clear anything?

  • WHY do we get stuck in negative patterns and repeat the same suffering over and over? And how can we break this painful cycle for good (without years of practice or doing anything “unnatural” or risky!)
  • What is inner clearing and how is it different from other less effective approaches? How can various forms of stress (like fear, anxiety, sadness, unworthiness, and money stress etc.) be eliminated for good, and very rapidly
  • An “instant release” meditation technique you can try right now to immediately clear your stress and bring you back to a feeling of harmony. (This could be one of the easiest and most important clearing techniques you’ll ever learn!)

DAY 2. How to clear negative patterns stored in your body on a cellular level!

  • The Profound Clearing Secrets Most People Don’t Know: That it is not WHAT you’re focusing on traps you in negative states, but __________. (HINT: Just a few simple shifts is often all it takes to feel much better, and quickly stop any suffering pattern from snowballing out of control!)
  • What are the TWO most powerful techniques in existence that accelerate your clearing and enhance “feel-good” brain chemicals naturally? (In 20 years of study in this field, I have yet to find a technique that works as well as either of these. Any other practice that actually works is always using at least one of these).
  • A powerful meditation that combines BOTH techniques to dramatically increase the clearing effect. (If you only got this meditation skill from the entire series, I think your life would be transformed for the better in a very short space of time!)

DAY 3. The Miracle: The “magic” ingredient needed to clear anything fast!

  • The number one reason we stay stuck in negative patterns (PLUS, what to do about it so you can clear any negative pattern in your life, rapidly!)
  • What is the “magic ingredient” that truly clears all forms of negativity fast? (HINT: I’ve found that ALL clearing techniques that truly work at a core level, are using this magic ingredient. Without it, I’ve found that nothing works in the long-term and can even make things a lot worse. Don’t make the same mistake I made!)
  • A powerful guided meditation to quickly remove the “sticky layer” of ANY negative pattern in a matter of minutes. (This is how you get even strong negative thoughts and feelings to wash out of your system with ease!)

DAY 4. How to feel whole, complete, and worthy within yourself!

  • Ever beat yourself up? We all do! Here’s how to clear all forms of self-punishment like guilt, shame, unworthiness (which only makes you more stuck until you clear it).
  • The fastest way to raise your energy out of the gutter into a positive state of mind (HINT: Accessing a specific energetic frequency that cancels out victim/victimizer consciousness is critical here!)
  • Be sure to check out today’s meditation too. It’s great for clearing patterns of guilt, shame, unworthiness, and all forms of self-punishment. It’s also a great one to do whenever the “brown” is hitting the fan, so to speak 🙂

DAY 5. Get Control Of Your Mind: How to break the curse of any suffering pattern!

  • The Crystal Clear Mind: The 3 ways we get stuck on the mental level. (PLUS, how to clear each of them so your mind can quickly become very calm and quiet, without years of meditation practice!)
  • Is Your Mind Lying To You? Yep! Here’s the “big lie” you fall for *every single time* that keeps you trapped in endless suffering! (Just being able to tell WHEN your mind is lying to you causes huge amounts of negativity to fall away instantly!)
  • The two types of human experience — and how seeing the difference instantly frees you from even engrained negative patterns! (The guided meditation for today is very powerful and guides you to do this for yourself automatically….)

DAY 6. The Clearing Accelerator: How to see through the illusion of a separate,
incomplete "you" that endlessly suffers!

  • How this one insight DRAMATICALLY increases the clearing effect if you’re open to it, although it’s not essential to make massive progress. (PLUS, how to move quickly through the fear into boundless bliss!)
  • How this made all the difference in my battle with anxiety and depression (AND, with the benefit of hindsight, how it can help accelerate your inner clearing without the suffering I endured!)
  • How to do it wrong! A mistake many people in the self-growth community that only reinforces your pain and suffering. (PLUS, the meditation for today will show you how to work WITH the sense of self to accelerate your clearing – in case you’d rather keep it right now!)

DAY 7. The Power Of Dogged Persistence: Putting it all together so you can "finish the job" of inner clearing and open to the boundless bliss of your inner truth!

  • What your clearing journey looks like going forward. (PLUS, what I recommend as a minimum daily practice and the two most common clearing mistakes to avoid on your path).
  • The meditation for today gives you an all-in-one clearing routine to clear any negative pattern holding you back. (Use this meditation when you’re short of time or when you want to do an initial “surface check” of all the main sticking points)
  • What I recommend you do when you hit a “clearing crisis” point (i.e. when the sh** seems to be really hitting the fan). Here are the key ah-ha’s to remember that help difficult times pass through awareness with the minimum of fuss and suffering!


If for some reason I am not able to clear what is holding me back to my satisfaction, I may keep all the materials and get a FULL refund.


My only commitment which I hereby agree to is — to "play full out," be fully present throughout the trainings, and to give Matt’s training a sincere effort. I realize that this guarantee now places all the risk on you, Matt, and I therefore agree to do my best and make a sincere effort.

Will you choose to clear all negativity and open to boundless freedom?

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