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7 Tips To Achieve Financial Freedom

How to attract money fastThe concept of time and money had changed throughout history. The term Financial Freedom has gained much popularity in the ever changing financial scenario today. More and more people are on the lookout for home based business ideas and opportunities. If you’ll browse the internet, there are tons of programs online which offer top home business ideas and home business reviews.

All of us have one thing in common – TIME. A well-known celebrity, a famous author or an ordinary person all have 24 hours to spend in a day.

More often than not, we exchange our time for money. Day in and day out, we spend 12 hours or more at work in order for us to earn wages. We work extra hard but still not able to achieve the financial freedom we strive for.

Financial freedom enables a person to have time freedom – enjoying life without hampering his steady income in any manner. This is based on managing assets and investments that are compounded over time to generate steady flow of cash.

Start your journey to Financial Freedom
Financial freedom can be achieved. We just need to continuously learn new ways which will guide us towards our journey. We must make a plan and work hard to accomplish that plan. Here are 7 tips which can help you on your journey to financial freedom:

1) You are who you think you are…
How you see yourself determines how successful you will become. The journey to financial freedom starts when we embrace “Change”. We must re-calibrate the way we think. We were told that in order for us to earn money, we must work hard.

Once upon a time, there was a donkey which fell in a deep pit. He tried so hard to climb out of the hole but to no avail. Then finally, he stopped realizing that his efforts are not doing him any good. The donkey kept telling himself “there is a better way… there is a better way”.

The owner, thinking that there is no hope for the donkey, decided to bury him to die in the deep pit. He started throwing dirt into the pit. The donkey felt the dirt thrown on his back. Immediately, he closed his eyes, shook the dirt off, and stepped back. He went on with this until the hole was filled with dirt, and he was able to step out towards his freedom.

Just like the donkey, we must start looking at ALL things positively. The dirt symbolizes the negative things happening in our lives. We call them trials. Our success is determined by how we look at those trials and how well we react to them. We must always have a positive mindset, whether in our families or towards earning money. A healthy perception of money is necessary in order to maintain an over-all balance.

Focus on making money work for you instead of you working for money. Remember that you earn money in order to achieve your ends.
In the end, achieving financial freedom means developing a process of self liberation.

2) Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth…
We’ve all heard the phrase – Health is Wealth. Your health is your greatest wealth. Do you think you will have REAL FREEDOM if you’re financially free but you’re too sick to enjoy it? We want to be financially free so that we can have more time to do the most important things in life – Family, Community, etc.

You should look at your health as your greatest asset. Follow these 3 tips for a healthier you…

• Do have periodic check-ups with your physician. Do not self-medicate. It is best to get opinion from experts when it comes to your health.

• Do regular exercises. Work to achieve your desired heart rate per day. You’ll discover that physical activities condition your body and you’ll can delivery both physically and mentally to complete the task at hand.

• Watch your diet. You are what you eat. A good diet can boost both your mental and physical being to be able to achieve what you want in life.

3) Know What You Want…
Will you leave home without knowing where you are going? Similarly, you will not be able to start your journey towards financial freedom if you don’t know what you really want.

This is the most important activity that you need to do if you want to reach your goals. Your vision is the most important factor of your success. You should define what you want to achieve at the beginning of your journey to financial freedom. What do you want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve these? You have to answer these questions as you are developing your vision.

When you have done the above mentioned, follow these simple steps:

• Write down your vision or dreams. Put in the details that you want.

• Read and imagine this vision every day. It is vital to “feel” these visions coming true in your mind. This way, you’ll start believing and you’ll start achieving. What your mind can conceive, and your heart believes, your body can achieve.

• This will strengthen your will to achieve. There may be obstacles along the way but you’ll be very focused that you’ll find a way around those obstacles.

4) Earn As Much As You Can…
The best way to fail in your journey is to have only one income stream. It is like being dependent on one water source for all you needs. What happens if the river runs dry? The whole community will thirst.

All of us should strive to have multiple streams of income. The number of income streams that we have will determine how fast we can achieve our financial goals.

Do a research on how to build multiple income streams. It is best to look for ways to build multiple streams of passive income. The internet offers a variety of top home business ideas and opportunities. Although we’ve heard that the net is full of scammers, there are still legitimate home business opportunities available. You must do extensive research for top home business ideas. You can Google the terms “work from home on the internet” or “How to start an internet business.”

5) Save As Much As You Can…
Always strive to save a part of your earnings before you make any spending. This way, you are paying yourself first by paying your savings account first. There are various vehicles where we can put the money, savings account, time deposits, mutual funds, investing directly on the stock market or investing in your own business.

The most ideal is to save 20% of your earning and put it in various investment vehicles. This way, you are assured that your money will grow and earn for you passive income. Always research where to your money will earn faster. Be wary though, there are still scammers out there waiting to take hold of your hard-earned cash.

As the saying goes – “Save in the spring so you won’t beg in the fall”.

6) Simplify Your Life As Much As You Can…
When you have money, you can afford to buy so many things. In fact, you’ll be tempted to buy things that are not that important in your life.


There are more important things in life than material things. Simplifying your life means you’ll get detached from material possessions. This will enable us to focus more on our relationships rather than special gadgets and expensive toy.

Differentiate between your wants and your needs. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

Simple living creates a space in our hearts which enables us to enjoy even the very little things in life. Material possessions will only complicate things.

We will learn to love and serve the “Real People” around us instead of the “Reel people” we see in our flat screen TV. We will enjoy nature’s music more than the song we’ll hear in our audio surround system.

Real financial freedom lies in the relationship we have with other people. It is having the time to serve and love more people more and more each day.

7) Love More…
True wealth is found in relationships. We know that all of us have limited amount of time here in this world. One day, that time will end. And on our deathbed, what will matter most is our relationship with the people around us. We don’t look for our Ferrari, or our Home theater system or the cash we have in the bank. Instead, we want our love ones – family, relatives, and friends – to spend their time with us.

How often do we hear the words “If only I had spent more time with him,” or “If only I hug him one more time”, during wakes and funerals? At the end of our journey here, still what matters most is the time we’ve spent with our loved ones.

Friend, don’t wait till it’s over. Do it now. Love more each day.

The journey to financial freedom requires commitment and determination. Rest assured, there will be difficulties along the way. The challenges are there to mold our characters, not to keep us down. Always focus on our goal no matter what lies ahead.

Go on my friend. Start your journey to financial freedom. Keep focused. And when you reach your goal, you will look back and tell yourself – well done.

To God Be The Glory…

Neo Rayos

Neo Rayos is a Home Based Business Expert whose 21 years of Sales & Marketing experience has allowed him to work wherever he wants, whenever he want. He has recently transitioned to the GPT / Direct Business Model

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Mental Photography: The Secret to Increasing Your Brain Power

inner-thoughts-improve-your-lifeMental photography, like mechanical photography, produces in our minds exactly what it sees. A poodle will never appear like a dalmatian; a chubby brunette, will never come out a long legged blonde. A picture of green will not be pink, and neither can negative destructive thoughts produce constructive and positive results. If the ideas in your mind are negative, they will, expectedly, produce negative results.

Think of actors, they absorb themselves in the characters of the role they play until they virtually unite. Noomi Rapace, a Swedish beauty, admittted that after having done three Millenium films as Lisbeth Salander, she was “taken over” by the raw and gritty part.

She said: “I always try to put my characters as close to life as I possibly can, but, it’s a high price because I know it will take over sometimes.”

And did you know how Steven Spielberg started out? He knew from his early teens that he wanted to become a director. While taking a tour at the Universal Studios, he sneaked off from the toru group in order to get to see an actual recording. He even managed to get to talk to the head of the editing department who listened to him for an hour and showed interest in his ideas.

For most people, the story would have ended there. But not for Steven! He knew what he wanted and he was determined to get it – one way or another. The next day, he dressed up in his father’s suit, he borrowed his father’s attaché briefcase (which contained nothing more than a sandwich and 2 chocolate bars) and returned to the studio as if he was working there. He maintained his steady pace while passing the guards at the gate. When he was already inside, he located an abandoned caravan and placed a plastic signage bearing his name – Steven Spielberg, director – on the door of the caravan. Then he spent the entire summer meeting directors, authors, editors and kept himself in the proximity of the world he so dearly wanted to become a part of. We all know where he ended up.

Many actors have to walk, talk and dress like their characters. They may even catch the diseases of their characters. These diseases and traits then disappear after the movie is filmed and the actors have returned to their own normal way of behaving.

You, too, can think of a successful person, his behavior that you desire and the results of his actions, and, become that person. Test one of your decisions and think based on what your model person would do. Fill your imagination with your new behaviors. Start acting as if you where that person.

Use the method that Archibald Leach, playing Cary Grant, did. Although he was born into a struggling lower middle class family, he transformed himself into a worldwide symbol of elegant success. When asked how he managed it, he said, “I acted Cary Grant for so long, until I became him.”

Sara Bern is an independent licensed Life Success Consultant and founder of Golden Opportunity and has extensive years of experience as a coach and management consultant. Sara’s passion is helping people become and do more of what they truly want. Visit her site to learn about life skills including mind development, personal empowerment, goal achieving, change management and more coaching tips.

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