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Six Ways to Minimize Stress During a Move

Six Ways to Minimize Stress During a MoveBoxes are everywhere, more stuff is popping out of closets and basements, the kids are restless and time is short. Moving can be a chaotic situation, but there are several steps to minimizing stress during a move that will keep things calm, clean and running smoothly.

Make a Plan

Having a plan is an important first step when it comes to moving. Give as much time as possible and make a day to day plan. Create a schedule for each day up until the move, leaving at least one day a week to take a break and relax. Every member of the family should have assigned tasks as to what they should be doing. Stay on schedule, do not get behind and make sure to have everything running smoothly throughout the entire process.

Stay Organized

Do not just throw things into random boxes to make things go quicker. Divide items into categories and rooms in order to keep things organized. Label every box as soon as it is packed. Every family member needs to start on one room and finish it before they get started on another. If everyone involved strives for organization than stress will remain low.

Clear Out the Junk

Before anyone starts packing, have the whole family do a clean sweep of the house and get rid of anything they do not want. The unwanted items, trash or junk inside the house will only cause piles of stress all over the floor if it is not taken care of right away.

Ask for Help

It is not always easy asking for help but it will be one of the best choices when it comes to reducing stress. Hiring a group of workers from a trusted moving company will make a huge difference. Packing boxes is the easy part but when it comes to furniture, carpeting or heavy boxes being moved out to the truck, a group of helpful workers will save a family time and stress.

Take Time to Relax

Do not expect to get the whole house packed in only one week. Take time to breathe and relax. Make time in the schedule for family activities and give the whole family some time to just have fun. It is also important that everyone have their alone time as well. Do not work from sun up until sun down and understand that everyone needs a break now and then.

Create a Back-Up Plan

More than likely a back-up plan will not be needed but it will reduce a great amount of stress knowing that it is there. Make a back-up plan for the moving truck or moving company just in case anything falls through or days get mixed up. This very rarely happens but, if it does, stress will not even be an issue with a back-up plan in motion.

Moving can be a stress free experience if done in the right way. Take extra steps and time to make moving enjoyable rather than a warzone.

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Deal With Stress

How To Cure Stress And Anxiety With Ease?

happy-familyWhen danger is near, stress and anxiety is a natural occurrence. Often this can come from a source that is either internal or external. As we go through different stresses, the stress can become cumulative and coping with stress becomes even more difficult. Stress can bring along with it a variety of negative physical symptoms as well. However, this problem can be treated in a natural way without drugs. Here is a look at some excellent tips that can help you to cope with your stress levels and gain confidence in your life.

Tip #1 – Learn to Laugh

Yes, laughter is definitely important when it comes to coping with stress. You need to find various ways that you can add more laughter in your life on a regular basis. Laughter helps you to relax and relieves the anxiety that you are dealing with. Start telling jokes, read the comic section in the paper, watch sitcoms on television, or find some funny movies that you can enjoy.

Tip #2 – Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

You are going to make mistakes from time to time, but coping with stress is going to include you allowing yourself to make these mistakes. You are not perfect. Learn to accept the mistakes that you have done, learn from them, and go on. Don’t dwell on them and allow them to bring you more stress and anxiety.

Tip #3 – Start Exercising More

Physical activity is one of the best tips for coping with stress that you can use. When you exercise, the body produces endorphins, which increase pleasure and naturally kill pain. This makes you feel good when you exercise. No, you don’t need to spend hours and hours at the gym to get this type of stress relief. A simple walk, playing with the kids, or other light exercise can give you the great results that you are wishing for.

Tip #4 – Start Talking

Find someone that you can really talk to and start talking to them. Coping with stress can not be done on your own. Find a friend, a family member, or even a counsellor that you can talk to and share the issues that you are going through. When you are able to shed some of the anxiety and burdens you are dealing with, it makes them easier for you to deal with.

Tip #5 – Take Time to Play

Today we don’t spend enough time playing and stress just builds up over time. When you are trying to cope with stress, play can help you. Play with your pet, go out and play games with the kids, play with a friend, or even your spouse. When you play, the body naturally will lower those stress hormones in the body. You’ll enjoy yourself and it will naturally combat the stress that you are dealing with.

It is possible to deal with your stress without having to take prescription drugs. Use these natural tips for coping with stress and you’ll begin to see a difference. Implement them into your life on a daily basis and start reducing stress and anxiety and gaining more self-confidence in your life.

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