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Staycation – When Walking From Your Bedroom to Your Living Room Isn’t Enough

By Asante Edwards

Visit a lazy river on your staycationIt happens, this year you didn’t get to travel to an exotic country, instead you’ve opted for a staycation.  The problem is that you are spending most of your staycation in your home.  This is causing you stress as you look at the calendar and see that it is almost time to return to work and you neither feel refreshed or energized.

These are some quick ways that you can spice up your staycation.

Plan Activities Outside of the Home.

1. Ask yourself what kind of outdoors activities you like to do.  Brainstorm some fun activities.  Depending on how long your staycation is try to have at least two activities per week.  Spend time using local resources to find various activities that are taking place in your area.

Spread Your Activities Strategically

2. After you have brainstormed some activities that you would like to do, spread them strategically throughout the week. For example, if you are a person who needs to feel energized during the middle of the week, then plan an activity for Wednesday.  If you also like to close the week by having something to look forward to then plan some activities for the weekend.

Share Your Hobby with Others

3.  Another way to inject fun into your staycation is to attend classes, seminars or lectures with other people who share your interest.  If you are a jewelry maker and a guest artist would be at your local college giving a jewelry making workshop, then take the opportunity to sign up, learn new techniques and possibly meet new friends.

Call on Friends and Family

4.  Why not increase the fun?  Spend time with family and friends and try out new things such as different restaurants, theme parks or recreational sports.  Share the responsibility.  Let family member and friends take turns choosing places and things for the group to do. This increases your chance of having a variety of places and events to attend.

Take Day Trips

5.  Try venturing out on a day trip to exciting places in your town or a neighboring state.  This can be a state fair, nature hike or a shopping outlet.  Plan an itinerary for that day, have fun and take pictures!

As you can see a staycation does not have to limit you to your home. You will have fun applying these tips.  Planning a well-balanced staycation can help with stress management and bring balance to your life.

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Article Source: Staycation – When Walking From Your Bedroom to Your Living Room Isn’t Enough