The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy – From Poverty To Purpose

Sasha-OM-296x300What role does faith play in your life?

Are you a devoted follower of a specific religion, or a free spirit with your own belief system? However you find faith in your life, have there been times when you’ve questioned your own power or the power of your belief system?

Perhaps you pray regularly, but wonder if anyone is listening. Maybe you’ve questioned if the Law of Attraction has been overruled, because you struggle to attract the things you want.

These doubts and disappointments can take a toll on your spiritual health, leaving you feeling confused and disgruntled.

If You’ve Found Yourself in a Spiritual Rut…

Meet Sasha Xarrian, author of Outrageous Mastery. Her life’s work is a trilogy based on the lessons from 30 years of her own trials and tribulations with personal power. She says these lessons, when she finally implemented them, ascended her being from poverty and pain to wealth and joy in just 4 months.

Much of Sasha’s teachings center on financial prosperity, but as we know financial abundance is just the manifestation of positive energy, and the result of providing value for others. So Sasha is able to bring financial success to your life by helping you achieve success in every area of your life by ultimately discovering your true purpose in life.

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If you are someone who loves audio and video, but misses the experience of reading a life changing book by the pool or in the park, you’ll be very happy with Sasha’s choice of format.

The program consists of three different books:

• Outrageous Mastery: An Xperiment with Power
• Outrageous Mastery II: How YOU Can Xperiment with Power
• Outrageous Mastery Play guide: The Ultimate Blueprint ForYour Life

The first book details the author’s incredible life story and is a testament to the personal power we all hold. The sequel offers readers a step-by-step approach to harnessing their own power and using it to effect positive change in their own lives. The Playguide complements Outrageous Mastery II, making the experience more meaningful and the changes more lasting.

Whether you have a specific religious faith or don’t really know what you believe, Sasha says you can still tap into your personal power and transform your life for the better – in some cases, overnight!

Sasha has compiled testimonial after testimonial from those whose lives have been dramatically changed simply by reading Outrageous Mastery and applying the lessons to their lives.

Admittedly, you must read her story with an open mind. Part of the story is told by her guardian angels (of sorts). The story reads like a good fictional book, packed with lessons. You could compare it to The Alchemist in this regard. If you open your mind and accept what she says as a parable that points to the truth, you’ll find many gems of wisdom within the pages of Xarrian’s autobiographical self-help program.

Outrageous Mastery is a compelling story of personal success.

It is a treasure trove of advice for how to deal with life’s unexpected twists and turns, and how best to use faith along your journey.

Sasha teaches you how to live fearlessly, receive challenges as gifts, and most importantly, realize the power you have to manifest your own reality.

It is an inspiring tale full of very human moments: Outrageous Mastery will leave you feeling inspired and empowered and, if you’re so inclined, may even help you get to know your own guardian angels.

We highly recommend you give Sasha’s program a try!

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