Liberate Your Life – Can This Clear Away Your Negative Beliefs?

324 hours is a lot of time. In 24 hours we should be able to do so much. Yet, the days seem to drain away. Do you ever look back on a day and wonder “What the heck did I accomplish?”

Our time is sucked up by repetitive (and pointless) thoughts,and bad habits (or action loops). At the root of all these behaviors are your negative beliefs.

Imagine what you could create in your life if this junk were cleared away. And how much better would you feel?

Enter Chris Cade’s new program: Liberate Your Life.

It’s designed to eliminate negative beliefs, free you of frustration, and create the environment to manifest your ideal life. The program includes 24 lessons, emailed to you weekly. These lessons are about 30 minutes each, so they’re easy to take in. This strategic spacing of lessons helps create permanent changes as the lessons are gradually integrated into your life.

Also included are two bonus gifts. E-books entitled Supercharge 
Your Affirmations and Optimize Your Life, both written by the Chris.

The author promises to help you eliminate the distracting thoughts and negative habits that eat up your time every day. 24 additional strategies to free up your time are included in the bonus e-book, Optimize Your Life. These strategies are practical and easy to apply…including a few nonconventional, and very intriguing, methods such as sleep learning.

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Perhaps most enticing of all, Cade claims to help you eliminate the addiction to dopamine and silence the inner critic. According to Chris, these results can be achieved by separating ourselves from our primordial behaviors. These behaviors are survival based and adrenaline-inducing (i.e. hunting, defending) and generally don’t serve our higher selves or ambitions.

Reprogramming your brain and freeing yourself from self-limiting thoughts and behaviors is a lofty goal.

So, just how does the program work?

Well, according to the creator of the program, it goes beyond the basic techniques of repeating mantras or affirmations. Instead, it gets to the root of exactly what negative beliefs are holding you back and reverses them for good! And since these beliefs may be different for everyone, the program is meant to be completely customizable and relevant no matter what your personal situation or emotional state may be. Cade doesn’t dismiss the use of affirmations altogether though.

In the bonus e-book Supercharge Your Affirmations, he acknowledges affirmations as an important part of self-transformation and explains how they can be used more effectively in combination with other methodologies. We really liked how Cade made the material easy to take in by using terminology everyone can relate to and understand.

This delivery and the message therein empower readers to be the authors of their own lives. Cade communicates the message and his techniques in simple, easy to understand language. Some of these techniques include ways to shrink your inner critic, forgive yourself for past mistakes, and transform negative and unproductive feelings and thoughts.

Real and Lasting Change

This program has the ability to unearth the underlying issues contributing to your frustration and unease. If you’re looking for a way to effect real change in your life and are willing to put forth some effort then Liberate Your Life may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

We highly recommend you give it a try!

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