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Are You Discounting Your Worth?

wealthyI used to be the queen of discounts. I prided myself in driving a hard bargain – paid only $400 for my coffeemaker which retailed for $500… oh the list goes on.

But as I immersed myself more and more in the Spiritual Prosperity Laws and trusted in an infinite supply of wealth and abundance, I came to realise that by asking for and insisting on discounts, I was only discounting my own worth. It’s as though I was saying to the Universe that I was not worthy of that $500 coffeemaker.

Another thing about that discount mentality was that it attracted the same to me – people who undervalued me or didn’t provide the services contracted. It’s really just easier to be generous and expect the same back from life.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying don’t accept discounts. I am saying rather than placing your focus on cost cutting, why not direct your creative energy towards being prosperous and increasing your income? Wonderful thing about having a prosperity consciousness is that the Universe will find ways to provide your needs, including guiding you to be in the right place at the right time and finding that item your heart desires at the best price. Let the Savings and Discounts seek you!

So, now if I get offered a discount, I accept it with wide open arms and take it as a gift of prosperity, but I don’t go seeking them. I gladly pay those who provide me a service or product because I am worthy of it and they too are worthy of the fruit of their labour.

Other ways you may be inadvertently telling the Universe you are not worthy:

  • You deflect or minimize compliments.
  • You think that things are too good to be true.
  • You feel guilty when people give you free gifts.
  • You won’t throw out worn or torn out clothes. (I call it Sentimental Value. And I’m in recovery).
  • You are resentful and envious of other people’s successes.
  • You tolerate relationships where your needs are not being met.
  • You are overly self-critical and are always seeking your next best achievement (… and sometimes without even taking time to celebrate your last one).
  • You procrastinate (In truth you are saying the effort is not worth it because you will not get the rewards and outcome you seek).
  • You habitually put other people’s needs above your own.
  • You overextend yourself financially. (You want to live within your means even as you upgrade your prosperity consciousness).

Ok, I think you get the idea. And you know what… ?

All’s not lost; there are easy and inexpensive remedies to a bargain consciousness (in all areas of your life):

  • Practice self-love and self-acceptance and watch as it becomes easier for you to boldly claim your worth. (Use this affirmation: I accept prosperity as my divine right, and I am worthy of…).
  • Get in the habit of expecting good things to happen… even ‘miracle’ type good things.
  • Celebrate the successes of others (when I am feeling a little on the wrong side of the prosperity scale I stop, sit down and run through my sisters’ successes and feel genuine joy and gratitude – always puts me right!).
  • De-clutter and let go of things that are no longer working for you. It creates room and energy for new, positive things to come into your life.
  • Learn to receive and give heart-felt compliments.
  • Pre-pave for success: whenever you see something you like (be it a luxury car, beautiful dog, expensive restaurant, anything that you think would be nice to have and experience in your life) say to yourself, “that’s for me.”

These are all processes you will find in The Magic Manifesting Journal (plus a whole lot more).

And of course, if you want to take quantum leaps in your prosperity consciousness, work with a mentor. My life changed more in a couple of months working with a mentor than it did trying to figure it all out on my own for several years.

Until next time, stay Blessed and Be Prospered.


Author Bio: Loago Madigele is a Law of Attraction coach with a background in financial investing (former Certified Financial Analyst, Equity Analyst) who uses Theta Healing in conjunction with Law of Attraction to give clients a unique perspective in creating financial abundance and whatever else makes their heart sing. Find Loago at

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Are You a Deliberate Creator of Your Life?

body1“Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

If you think back to when you were 17 or 18 years old, you may recall having used the sentence “I’m still finding myself” when someone asked the annoying question, and someone always did ask, “What are you going to do with your life?”

You knew what they were really asking was “What are you going to do for a living?”

And honestly, how many of us at age 17 or 18 knew what we were going to do for a living let alone what we were going to do with a whole lifetime?

But, times have definitely changed, and things are definitely different now.  At least they’re different for people who decide they’re going to “create” the life they want instead of trying to “find” it.

Anyone, whether 18 or 48 or 78 or whatever age, can begin creating the life of their dreams once they become aware of how to do it.

And how do they do that you ask?  They learn about and exercise awareness and consciousness in their life.  They decide what it is they want in life and visualize it in their mind’s eye knowing and believing they have the power to create it.

Then, because they are conscious, they’re aware of the inner presence of their intuition (inner wisdom, higher self, Spirit, God—whatever you choose to call it).  They know it can help them create the life they want if they ask for guidance, and they then take time to go inside themselves and ask for that guidance.  To learn more about your intuition, click here.

They’re also aware of and conscious of the natural laws of the Universe, including the Law of Attraction and other related Universal Laws—laws that are always present and working whether we’re aware of them or not or choose to recognize them or not.

Sound airy-fairy or mystical or hard to believe?  Well, I refer you to a book entitled “The Answer,” by John Assaraf and Murray Smith, in which John provides excellent definition and reference to the scientific evidence of Universal Laws, energy, and the power of observation and intention to name just a few.

The premise of the book is how to succeed in business, and the “how” part applies to overall success in deliberately creating what you want in any area of your life.

I needed scientific evidence when I started studying intuition, the Law of Attraction, and other Universal laws, and John’s book gave me just that.  It made me a believer.  It will likely make you a believer, too.

If you’re not familiar with the basic premise of the Law of Attraction, it is simply that whatever we think about and focus on most we attract into our lives, positive or negative.

This is a very simplistic description, but it revolves around our energy and whether it’s positive (high level energetic vibrations) or negative (low level energetic vibrations).  For more information on the Law of Attraction, you can have a look here.

Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote about the Law of Attraction where I compared it to another Universal law that sometimes makes the non-negotiability of all natural laws more clear to those who are just beginning to become conscious or aware.  It’s the Law of Gravity.

Although the Law of Gravity is not directly related to the Law of Attraction and certain other Universal laws, it is an absolute Universal Law and a very good example of the presence and non-negotiability of all natural laws.  Here’s the excerpt:

There are many “Universal laws” that apply to everyone and everything all the time whether we are aware of them or not.  For example, one Universal law that we are all very aware of is the Law of Gravity.

Most of us don’t understand how gravity works, but we know for a fact that if we jump off the roof of our house, gravity will bring us to the ground in a hurry.  There’s no disputing it.  There’s no changing it.

The Law of Attraction is another one of these absolute Universal Laws.  Whether we are aware of its presence in our lives or not, we are subject to it just like the Law of Gravity.

We all have equal access to any and everything we need to create the life we want.  Many of us just are not yet aware of it.  If what you’ve read here today resonates with you, give consciousness and awareness your consideration and be open to learning about it.  It may just answer many lifelong questions for you.

If you do choose to welcome this information into your awareness and are consistently “conscious” of the Law of Attraction and other related Universal Laws, you are also likely to develop and understand the power of your intuition and inner wisdom.

These understandings combined put you in a position to then experience the deliberate creation of your own life.

“Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer.” ~ Robert Graves

Author Bio: Peggy Nelson is a professional Intuitive Life Strategies Coach, owner and founder of Life Your Way Coaching, a published author, and a professional blogger. Her mission is to help people access that part of themselves that allows them to shift their thinking, release fear at every level, experience personal growth and empowerment, and ultimately create fulfilling, happy, and successful personal and professional lives they love. To learn more about the benefits of coaching with Peggy, follow her blog, or to schedule a free consultation with her, please visit her website at