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How to Help Someone Who Is Feeling Depressed

How to deal with stress at homeIt is very hard for those who have never suffered a depressive episode to truly understand how debilitating this state of mind can make the sufferer feel. From the outset it can seem as though the sufferers life is so perfect. You may even think ‘how can this person possibly be depressed with how successful, attractive, social and caring he/she is?’

However, depressive thinking is not rational. In this state it is easy to disqualify any positives and to focus on the issues that are creating the depressive episodes. No matter how much others highlight the positives, the depressed person will find it difficult to disengage from the negatives.

The main core feelings underlying depression:




Therefore, these are the areas that require focus when determining how to help someone who is feeling depressed.


To assist with feelings of hopelessness, the individual needs to feel as though there is a manner in which he/she can take control. For instance, if a friend was feeling depressed about being single and having difficulty finding and sustaining a partner, the best support you could give would be to help her to regain self confidence and accompany her to places she is most likely to meet someone she is compatible with (such as joining a sporting club together, going out dancing together, hosting a dinner party with a potential single partner invited, or attending a social function together).

Giving your friend a feeling of control will help her/him to take steps to shift out of depression and regain hope in the future.


To assist feelings of helplessness the individual needs to feel as though she/he has sufficient resources and support networks available to get through the issues at hand. As a friend you can personally be there to provide support. However, in times of depression it is really critical to advise a depressed friend to seek professional help from a qualified therapist or life coach.

Where therapists differs from a friend is in their perspective (enabling unemotional support) and in the techniques used to move past depression into happiness and health. Your support as a friend will of course remain very important in times of depression, so one should not substitute the other.


In order to assist an individual to increase worthless feelings, it’s important to increase internal validation. Reminding the person of past and current success is a good start. What is especially required is current evidence of being valued. Encouraging the person to help others and thus to see first hand appreciation for this assistance is a great way to see evidence of self worth.

The key here is tapping into the issues causing the depression. So if a person feels unattractive, taking her out for a beauty treatment or supporting her to get back into shape will help. If a person is feeling unloved, showing him those that love and support him will help. If a person is feeling like a failure, engaging her in activities you know she will do well in will also help.

In addition to these supportive techniques above, it is very important to encourage healthy eating and increasing physical activity. Thee two behaviours have a huge impact on moods. Being a good friend could be as simple as supporting your friends to get healthy.

Always remember that there is tremendous power in friendship support. Your ability to help a person in need is one of the most valuable and rewarding aspects of being a human being.

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Want Your Life Back? How to Free Your Body and Mind from Toxicity

Reading is a good way of being gentle with yourselfIn a world that has an endless stream of issues and bad habits, it can be easy to practice an unhealthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Although most people are accustomed to toxic food, thoughts, and habits, it can be easy to regain control over your life, your body, and your thoughts by making a few simple changes. Read ahead for a few ideas of how you can free your body and mind from toxicity and enjoy peace once again.

Be Thankful

Negative thoughts can be difficult to avoid. They are present in our society, in the media, and among our friends for a habit that can be difficult to break. It often comes out of a discontentment with life and the feeling of wanting more. Make a decision to be thankful each day, even writing down your gratitude in detail, for a method that works to change your perspective on life.

Remove Negative People in Your Life

Who you are is largely determined by the type of people you surround yourself with in your life. If you are more inclined to become negative, complain, or gossip around certain individuals, then make it a conscious decision to distance yourself from those people. Find at least three close friends who help you to become a better person and stay connected with them throughout the week.

Replace Television with a Book

A simple way to become mentally overloaded is by turning on the television after a long day at work. Although it’s an easy way to unwind, it can also be one of the primary sources of negativity due to the influx of reality shows and news stations. Replace your free time by reading an inspiring novel or self-help book that teaches you more about the surrounding world and how to improve your overall character. With all the good books in the world, there’s no need to be stressed out by television when you can be inspired by the written word!


Meditation can reduce stress levels and allow you to refocus throughout the day for a simple way of staying composed and at harmony with yourself. Spend an average of 15 minutes in meditation, whether it’s in your office or in your living room. Work to clear your mind and let go of worries, concerns, or fears. Some people think that meditation has to be done in a certain way, for a certain amount of time, while sitting in a certain position. The truth is, you can have quiet, meaningful meditation sessions on your bus ride to work, during an evening walk, or on your lunch break. Taking time to be alone with your thoughts and drown out the negativity of the world will do wonders for your mind, body, and soul.

Juice for Breakfast

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables by juicing in the morning, which will work to detox your body from artificial ingredients and toxins. Add ingredients that include celery, apples, kale, and lemon for a healthy combination that will jump-start your energy levels for the day. Some people like to do juice cleanses for a few days to help get rid of toxins in the body from chemically enhanced or altered foods. Yes, many people do these cleanses to lose weight, but you will find that a juice cleanse will truly remove toxins from your stomach as well as your skin and other areas that are sensitive to chemicals.

With the junk of the outside world, it’s natural to lose yourself in the chaos and have a toxic mind and body in the process. Work to reverse the damage by implementing several new habits to take on for a practical way of improving your overall lifestyle.

Author Bio: This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for business, finance, health, and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Dixie got her information for this article from the professionals of INSynergy, a drug rehab center in St. Louis, MO where specialists help people get their lives back by incorporating healthy habits into their daily life and ridding their minds and bodies of any harmful toxins.