Deal With Stress

How 5 Minutes Can Change Your Life

Taking action to change your lifeDo you ever suffer from indigestion, back or neck pain, insomnia, or high blood pressure?  Do you feel anxious, worried, or overwhelmed by stress?  Do you know that all these are conditions you can immediately do something about—safely, naturally, and without ingesting a single thing besides air?

There is something you can do which will immediately initiate a positive change in over 1400 chemical reactions in your body. These chemical changes increase your immune response, improve your digestion, reduce muscle tension, and boost your brain function.  Doing this can also help you feel better instantly. Can you imagine, that if you did this daily, it could truly change your life for the better?

So what is this seemingly miraculous action?

It is meditating in a way that brings uplifted, relaxed, positive feeling into your body.

Now there are many types of meditation and not all are created equal.  While any meditation may be better than no meditation, there are three things you can do in meditation that will profoundly affect your mind and body in the positive ways described above.

Here are those three things:

The first is to sit or stand upright, imagining that a string is attached to the top of your head drawing you gently upwards.  This immediately gives you a sense of inner spaciousness and uplift.  It gives you more space inside your body to do the second thing.

The second is to take slow, deep, rhythmic breaths. Imagine and feel as if your breath initiates in your lower abdomen and then expands upward to fill your upper abdomen and chest.  Exhale and imagine and feel as if that same space empties out from top to bottom.  Follow the entire cycle of your breathing: noticing the moment your inhale begins and following it all the way through to a natural pause; then noticing the moment your exhale begins and following it all the way through to a natural pause.  Follow that natural cycle, over and over again, in a nice easy rhythm.  Breathing in this way puts your heart and brain into relaxed, calm coherence.

Third, while continuing to do the first two, smile on the inside.   Put a subtle smile of appreciation and gratitude on your lips and feel the sensation of smiling in your body.  Inner smiling instantly shifts your internal chemistry.  It creates a positive cellular environment that not only feels good, but it can change your health and physical function in profound ways.

Practice these three cues together for 10-20 minutes a day and witness how your body, and your life, feels and functions in a whole new way.  Even 5 minutes makes a real difference.  Try it right now and notice how much better you feel.