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Grow a More Abundant Tomorrow, by Blooming Where You Are Planted Today

tulip blooming where it is for a more abundant tomorrowBack in the 1970s, there was a popular poster that read “Bloom Where You Are Planted.” It was a pleasant, gentle reminder that wherever we are, we can always blossom to grow a more abundant tomorrow. And like flowers that only need water and sunlight, we really do have everything we need to be our best selves, and grow.

Blooming is nature’s way. When we feel an abundant life is out of our reach, we need to remember that abundance is the natural state of life on Earth. Almost nothing can stop nature from continuing to bring forth beauty into the world.

Within a few short months after Mount St. Helens first erupted in the Pacific Northwest, wildflowers were peaking through and blooming. Yes, there had been devastation, but nature never stops there. And when we suffer devastation too, it’s good to know that we can also bloom in time, no matter what.

Abundance is infinite in its variety. The more we recognize the abundance all around us, the more we can continue to see it. If we allow ourselves to be awed by mountains or sunsets, or the exuberant color of a daffodil field, then we become more adept at seeing the beauty of one single flower, a pebble on the beach, or a child’s laugh.

From looking at the abundance of nature, the next step is to look the same way at ourselves. The more we recognize abundance, the more we can see how full our lives really are. And the fuller we become with joy and gratitude, the more joy and abundance we can share.

If it has ever made you happy to watch a flower unfold, imagine what happiness unfolding yourself could bring to those around you. Imagine unfolding your talents toward fulfilling your dreams. Imagine unfolding your natural kindness to make a difference to someone in need.

Everyone’s beauty has its own special value. If flowers could talk, I doubt we would hear a daisy complaining that it was not a rose. Some grand looking birds have brilliant plumage, while some are tiny and grey, but with a magnificent song.

By recognizing your gifts today, and making the most of what you have, you send those gifts out into the world. Just as the tiny bird never knows who hears its beautiful song, you may touch more lives than you will ever know.

Picture a future wild with color and fulfillment. It can’t be denied that some of us of are in a tough spot. Some may be living desperate, dismal lives, or know of others who are suffering. But every positive step we take, every chance we take to bloom, moves us toward the future we seek.

Even cracked sidewalks have blossoms poking through. If you bloom today, in whatever way you can, you add to the abundance of the world around you, and allow your life and blessings to expand. When you recognize your cup is full to the brim with abundance, then all that is left if for it to overflow.

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Attract Money

Meditation To Attract Financial Success!

Mentally rehearsing the abundance you desire primes you to welcome that experience in real life. It creates the mind-body circuits that make you a magnetic financial attractor.

So, in this mini meditation, you’ll imagine a desired financial experience and three steps that will take you there.

(I’ve included the “nature sounds” and “silence” versions here. You can find the “soft music” version through the links in the P.S. below.)

“Imagining Success!” with nature sounds:
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“Imagining Success!” with silent background:
[mejsaudio src=”″]


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