The New Message Of A Master—The Secret Laws

message of a masterHave you heard of the Law of Attraction, but aren’t sure where to begin applying the principles to your daily life? Or, perhaps you’ve tried it to no avail and are convinced that it simply doesn’t work.

The New Message of a Master—The Secret Laws may be the solution you’re looking for. It’s an engaging read with a powerful message and a fresh look at a popular idea. It could benefit you if you think you know what the law of attraction is, but are at a loss as to how to apply it to your life.

The Secret Laws promises to free you from past failures and set you on the path towards lifelong success and infinite opportunity in every aspect of your life.

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The Author explains that, like Gravity, the Law of Attraction is a singular law comprised of many sub-laws or rules. The program promises to help you understand this universal law by analyzing the sixteen sub-laws within the law of attraction.

Program creator, Kristin Howe explains that the universal law of attraction is constantly at work, but unless you understand its power in its entirety—including the sixteen sub-laws—you could actually be attracting negative things that you don’t want in your life including sickness, exhaustion, relationship problems, career failures, and other such disasters. Howe promises to help you reverse this vicious cycle of negative attraction and 

replace it with the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.

Included With The Program

  • Home Study Program:
o 16 MP3s, one for each of the law of attraction sub-laws
o 2 downloadable PDFs
o MP3 audio book

o The “Weekly Life Mastery” Connection: An email series
which helps you apply what you’re learning in the course
o Two audio downloads: “Harness Your Energy” and “Proof.”
These audios help you identify and maximize your unique
energy types and reverse the habits that have been attracting
the wrong things

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One clear strength of the program is the enthralling way it presents the message. Readers will feel as if they are wholly enveloped in a fictional mystery, one in which the characters are on a search for the secret of the universe. The story becomes even more profound as the readers realize that this mystery is not the stuff of imagination at all, but truly a quest for the secret to wealth, peace, and happiness.

In addition, the second part of the e-book, “The Laws” analyzes and further explains “The Story” by identifying the universal laws that the master reveals and offering practical examples of how the law is applied in real-life situations, both good and bad. Since the laws in part two correspond directly to the chapters in part one, it’s easy for the reader to cross-reference the two as they read, gaining an in-depth understanding of each principle.

The New Message of a Master—The Secret Laws expounds upon an already widely-accepted truth and details practical ways to practice and benefit from the laws that govern the universe. It’s a must-read for anyone wishing to make these laws work in their own lives. Plus, since the program comes with an unconditional, 60-day money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

We highly recommend you give the program a try!

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