Three-Minute Quiz Reveals Why Meditation Isn’t Working (And what to do about it!)

If you’ve ever wondered why meditation isn’t working, and you still want
inner peace and a better life, then I invite you to try this…

Three-Minute Quiz Reveals

Why The “Old Ways” Of Meditating

Aren’t Working For You

And A New And Proven Meditation Breakthrough Guaranteed To Help Get Clear,

Find Peace And Manifest What You Want Out Of Life!


“More and more people are realizing why meditation isn’t working for them anymore — especially with their busy, modern 21st century lives.”

“Instead, they’re turning to a new and proven meditation breakthrough to quiet the mind, clear the clutter, raise their vibration to a “core energy frequency” and manifest almost anything they want in their lives — wealth, abundance, peace, love, joy and happiness. Thousands of students are now practicing this new way of meditating around the world… and the best part is, it only takes 20 minutes a day!”

— The “Rocky Mountains” Energy Master

From the desk of Matt Clarkson

Dear Awakening Friend,

Have you ever wondered why meditation isn’t working?

Or do you ever find meditation more frustrating than relaxing?

Perhaps you want more peace, health and love in your life…

Or you want to manifest more wealth, abundance and achievement…

But when you meditate… you end up “blocked” by mental clutter… or worse, you end up feeling drained by it!

If this sounds like what you go through when you try to meditate…
this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

In a minute… I’ll tell you exactly why meditation isn’t working for you.

Hi, I’m Matt Clarkson. I’m the founder of The Mind-Body Training Company, and I get emails every day from people who meditate… but aren’t getting the results they’re hoping for! The question is why?

They’ve heard that meditation is great for calming the mind, reducing stress and improving health. They’ve also heard (from self-growth gurus featured in the Secret for example) that meditation can help you enter a “peak state” –

A state where you are fully connected to Universal Source. And when you are aligned with this energy that creates worlds, you are empowered to attract (or “manifest”) anything you want into your life!

But if that is true, why do so many people struggle with meditation? Every day, people tell me there’s endless mental junk getting in the way ……. like negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and stressful distractions.

Or another common problem is… They’re not sure if they’re “doing it right”.

While others have given up completely because…

They think it takes hours of meditating to reach a “Zen state of mind”…. when they can’t even fit 10 minutes into their busy day.

block-4-bgCan meditation help you

attract and manifest

anything you want in life?

Here are a few letters I typically get. They are from people writing in to me

wondering why meditating isn’t working for them.

  • Here’s one from a Jeff Coté from Quebec, Canada.

    “I have difficulties meditating every day. And I have a hard time putting it into my routine without being pissed off doing the meditation.”

  • Here’s another one from Bridget Tuite from Ireland.

    “I have been doing transcendental meditation for some years and I have problems doing it regularly”

  • Last one from Ahrabella Heabe Lewis Stroud from Gloucestershire, UK

    “I never get the sense of deep awareness and flow…”

And that’s just three of the thousands of letters I’ve received over the last few years. So you may be wondering…

What in the world is going on here? Does meditating really not work?

Most of my clients tell me they’re “busy beyond belief”. They run the gamut from mothers… to professionals… to business owners… (who simply want to “get more and be more” in their lives).

And after studying with many meditation masters from all across America, the UK and as far as China… and working with over 165,000 individuals all over the world…

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

There’s a simple truth about meditation that the “traditionalists” are not willing to admit.

Here’s the startling truth…

Why Meditation Isn’t Working!

But the big question you have to ask yourself is…


Chances are

You may not be getting the results you want from meditating because you’ve been taught what I call “incomplete meditation”.
How can you know if you’re meditating “the right way” that raises your energetic vibration most effectively??


Take this mini-quiz to see why meditation isn’t working for you

Here’s a simple test…

Take a look at the following list of statements. Simply check off the ones that are true for you based on how often it happens (never, sometimes and usually).

At the end of this simple 3-minute quiz, you’ll discover exactly why meditating hasn’t worked for you… why you keep getting mental clutter and emotional blocks… and exactly what’s stopping you from raising your vibration…

Even though I practice meditation, or try to, I’m still dealing with these issues…

  1. I find it challenging to follow through on my good intentions and take action.
  1. It is hard to stay present with what I am doing.
  1. I lack energy or motivation to pursue my goals.
  1. I am overwhelmed by stress and often struggle with low confidence, worry, and anxiety.
  1. I have low back pain and/or health is often an issue for me.
  1. I find it difficult to understand others.
  1. I don’t always feel what I want or feel much at all.
  1. Negative emotions take me over and I often have angry outbursts.
  1. I have a hard time trusting others.
  1. I find it challenging to give and receive love.
  1. I find it difficult to “step outside myself” and view things objectively.
  1. I have a hard time concentrating.
  1. Details often overwhelm me.
  1. It’s challenging for me to plan and stay organized.
  1. I get “lost” in what I am feeling.
  1. I have trouble trusting that everything will be o.k.
  1. I struggle with the meaning and purpose in my life.
  1. I often think one thing, feel another, and do something else.
  1. I am searching for what my soul truly desires.
  1. I don’t feel connected to Life, God, or Source.

What Your Results Mean For You…


The three dantians must align for a clear channel

As you can see…

There are three main energy centers on your body. The body, the heart and the mind. They are sometimes called “dantians”. Then, there is the Central Channel, which connects them.

In order to raise your vibration the right way… so you can reach a higher energy frequency and connect with Source Energy…

You must have all three dantians (energy centers) active, clear, and working together.

When that happens, you reach your peak energy frequency. This makes everything flow.

And if you don’t…

If you only address one or two dantians (energy centers)… instead of working on all three dantians… (or if you don’t have them all working together)… you will create unnecessary challenges in your life.

In short…

  • If your practice only focuses on the body energy center — you would have raw confidence, vital energy, and personal power……But you’d have uncontrollable emotions. You’d also act physically, without thinking things through.
  • If your practice only focuses on your heart energy center — you would have compassion and empathy……But you would ignore your own body, or act passionately without reason or logic. A sure path to disaster.
  • And if you focus only on your mind energy center — you would be distant, aloof and removed from the world. You’d be stuck in your head all the time, lacking relationships, connections and love.
  • Finally — and most importantly — if you fail to open the Central Channeland connect all three primary energy centers, you will find yourself as “a house divided,” thinking one thing, feeling another, and doing something else.

A Word About Chakras

…You may have heard about “chakras”. These are actually 7 much smaller energy centers on the human body. While this system is helpful when it comes to healing, we find it creates a whole lot of unnecessary confusion and complexity when it comes to meditation.

As previously discussed, a big problem for meditators is the struggle to master the attention. This is much more difficult to do when you are trying to narrow your attention within very small areas of focus. Here’s why…

Meditation works best when the attention is allowed to expand and flow in a more fluid and relaxed way, and that’s why we use the three major energy centers for meditation and not all 7 chakras.

It’s much easier that way. The three major energy centers cover all 7 chakras, without causing the meditator to focus too narrowly in a way that causes more stress. It’s also much easier to have a felt experience of your “mind”, “body” and “heart”. Those are the fundamental aspects to your experience that you can always relate to…


And unfortunately…

Nearly every meditation technique out in the world right now only works on one or a combination of two dantians… but not all three major energy centers together!

And until you get all three dantians (the body, heart and mind) working together…
You will never break through the mental clutter, raise your energy frequency… and align with the power of Source Energy.
Instead, you’ll be working against the Law of Attraction. Your energetic vibration will be “tainted” by static, clutter and low energy levels.
The truth is — meditation, when done correctly (and completely, as you now know)… and in the right context, works.

As you may also know, meditation has been scientifically proven.

  • Major universities like Harvard, MIT and Stanford have done numerous studies on it.
  • Magazines like Scientific America, Psychology Today and Time have covered it.
  • And what’s more, over 100 scientific journals have published research, clinical trials and lab studies proving meditation works.

The list of benefits to meditating goes on and on…

  • Reduce stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Drop cholesterol levels
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Increase creativity
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Improve memory and learning
  • Become self-actualized
  • Live happier
  • Control anger issues
  • Overcome fear and worries

So if you’ve ever meditated, and “nothing happened”…

It’s Not Your Fault Meditation Isn’t Working For You!


Simply put…

The reason why meditation isn’t working for you is because “the traditional way” of doing it is incomplete and incompatible with our modern lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Hindu, Buddhist, Qigong, Transcendental, Spiritual, Mindfulness, Focused, Mantra, Yoga, Breath or any one of the “schools of thought” in meditation.

As you know now, if they don’t tap into all three of the major energy centers (or dantians)… it will wreak chaos on your body, mind and soul!

Of course, you may be wondering…

Surely — there are a great number of people who claim it works. There are gurus in every one of these schools. They all claimed to have reached “inner peace”. They can’t all be lying, can they?
No, they are not.

here’s the situation

There Are Three Problems

With Traditional Techniques And Why Meditation Isn’t Working For YOU…

  • Ask any true Meditation Master (like the ones who live in the mountains)…

    And they’ll usually tell you, if you want to become “enlightened” (and get results)…

    You need to lock yourself in isolation for years meditating for countless hours!

    Not exactly practical. In most cases, these “gurus” are able to achieve enlightenment, or Zen
    nothingness, or a deep state of Awareness…

    Because they live in the middle of nowhere and don’t have everyday stress like the rest of us do!!!

    What they ask for is simply unrealistic…At least for people like you and me, who live in the 21st century with our modern day lives…
    With TVs, Facebook, YouTube, chauffeuring kids to different things, iPhones, iPads, working 60-80 hour weeks to make ends meet, worrying about taxes, paying the bills, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

    That’s the first problem with traditional meditation and why it’s “OK” to focus on just one or two Energy Centers in their world.


    Why monks who live in the middle of nowhere can’t teach you meditation that works for Westerners

  • Tell me — why are you meditating ?(or looking into meditating)


    Traditional meditation was not designed for our modern world

    The “old ways” of meditation were not designed to do what we want them to do today.

    Without being presumptuous… I’m guessing you want peace of mind… to raise your vibration… so you can feel connected with Source Energy, right?

    Because it’s in that high vibrational place where you feel connected to the Source… that you have a clear communication with the universe, and you can manifest what you truly desire… yes?

    And unfortunately — that’s a challenge with the “old ways” of meditating. They simply don’t work that way!

    Why? Because meditation was never designed for the modern day person, living in a chaotic, busy world.

    If you wanted “inner peace”, you fled to the mountains.

    Today, we want it all. Both the higher vibrations and our modern day life!

    That’s why it’s of UTMOST importance you tap into all three energy centers when you meditate!

  • Finally… for the third problem with traditional meditation…

I need to tell you a story about how 7 years ago, I met a guy who I now call…

The “Rocky Mountains” Energy Master

Personally, I was getting frustrated with meditation myself a few years ago.

I knew meditating was an effective way to quickly raise my energy frequency and connect to Source Energy. In my heart, I knew this.

But no matter what I tried, no matter how I did it… I kept running into barriers in my meditation.

In the early 2000s, I was the editor of Spiritual Growth Monthly…

I went on a quest to speak with and interview gurus, yogis and the enlightened around the world. I did a lot of phone interviews for our members, and I also did some travelling too. I found masters all across America, in the UK and even as far as China.

But it was in the most unlikely of places — Boulder, Colorado in the United States, to be exact — that I met who I now call The “Rocky Mountains” Energy Master: Kevin Schoeninger.

Kevin is an interesting man…


Kevin Schoeninger, M.A. Certified Qigong Meditation Instructor, Life Coach, and Reiki Master whose life-work is helping you realize the benefits of holistic practices in your life

The most important thing you need to know about him is this…

He Once Stumped A High-Level Qigong Master

With One Simple Question!


Kevin with his Qigong Master in Beijing

In 2004, Kevin flew all the way to Beijing, China to study with a high level Qigong Master.

Kevin asked him one simple question. A question he’d been seeking the answer to for a very long time after years of practicing meditation.

And get this. The question stumps the guru! After a long, awkward silence, the interpreter in the classroom basically says, “we don’t teach that here”. “Don’t get me wrong, Kevin still loves and respects his Qigong Master and Qigong, it just didn’t give him everything he was looking for.”

Imagine that — flying 6,361 miles to speak with a master — only to get absolutely no response!

What question could Kevin possibly ask to stump an elderly Qigong master?

But more importantly — after Kevin gets no response from the Qigong master… he later has a major breakthrough in his meditation practice that changes EVERYTHING!

Here’s what happened…

Like most people who practice meditation, Kevin was looking to raise his energetic vibration, clear his blocks and find lasting inner peace.

He tried many meditation techniques that focused on the Mind Center. In fact, most people who try meditating start with these mind-based techniques.

These are the ones that ask you to “clear your mind” and “focus on one thing”. But the more Kevin tried to do this, the more emotional clutter and mental noise came through. (Perhaps you’ve had this experience too).


Kevin asking questions at Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center

It Simply Wasn’t Working…


Qigong emphasizes the lower dantian, the center of physical vitality

Kevin was getting more frustrated than at peace. And as if the universe heard Kevin’s pain…

it sent him a flyer in the mail… for a local Qigong class.

Kevin began studying and practicing Qigong deeply. He meditated like this every day for many years.

Now — as you may or may not know, Qigong is an ancient Chinese “energy exercise”. It focuses on your lower abdomen. This is where you harness and develop your body’s natural “Qi” energy. Qigong masters call this energy center your “lower dantian”.

If you’ve ever seen videos of Shaolin monks practicing martial arts… you’ll know how powerful building this body energy center can be.

But then something strange happened. As Kevin meditated in the Qigong tradition…
Trying to get to that deep, inner peace… Negative thoughts, old memories and strong emotions came up. They dislodged and became very active. Things he hadn’t thought about for years came screeching back…

Things like being bullied in his childhood, the huge pressures of university, all the little things he thought he’d forgotten…

And it was overwhelming!

It was like it was bubbling up — this negative soup — from his body to his heart and mind… and creating a lot of mental, emotional and spiritual clutter. Emotional junk. Everywhere.
It was like white static that made it impossible to raise his vibration or energy frequency. A fuzzy, loud spider web. And Kevin just didn’t know how to deal with it.


Many meditation systems don’t teach you how to work with negative feelings

That’s when Kevin realized..

Something Wasn’t Right

With The Way He Meditated…


Do old emotions come up when you meditate

He began to email his master and mentor. Kevin asked him how to deal with these overpowering, negative emotions.

But this was all his master could say, “Focus on your body center. That is the way of Qigong. The negative thoughts will disappear. You will achieve inner peace. Everything else will fall into place.”

Unfortunately — It didn’t fall into place. In fact, the clutter got worse! And worse!

In 2004, an opportunity to speak and meditate with several high-level Qigong masters comes up… Kevin commits to fly 6,361 miles to Beijing (the heart and nerve center of Qigong)…

And ask these high-level Qigong masters the very same question his own mentor keeps avoiding:

“How do I deal with the emotional side of meditation?”

Only to get the most unexpected response…

The Meditation Answer

No One Could Give…

So here’s Kevin. 6,361 miles away from home in Beijing. He’s in a Traditional Chinese Medicine class. The Qigong master walks in along with his interpreter. It’s Q&A time.

Kevin asks his question. He talks about practicing Qigong devoutly. He talks about the emotional overload. He asks the master…

“Qigong has given me extraordinary confidence, vital energy and power, but what I still don’t understand is how to use this energy to heal my heart and overcome my emotional blocks?”

The Qigong master falls silent.

The room is silent… even though there are 20 other students there. And finally… the interpreter says, “We do not teach that here. My advice is to continue cultivating Qi in the lower dantian. Make your vital energy strong and everything else will fall into place.”

And that… was that.

Kevin had flown all the way to Beijing and got no answers.

So Kevin goes home to the States. And he starts exploring other forms of meditation. Meditation styles like…

  • Heartmath
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Buddhist Loving Kindness
  • Christian Centering Prayer
  • Brainwave Entrainment Technology

The list goes on and on. Every form of meditation that Kevin explored seems to focus on one or two dantians (energy centers)… but not all three (heart, body and mind) much less connect them!

Nothing seemed to give him full, 100% genuine satisfaction. Nothing gave him the power to raise his vibration levels and achieve powerful, lasting inner peace.


What meditation methods are “complete”?

That’s when Kevin had a big AH HA moment…


Core Energy Meditation activates and integrates all three dantians and the Central Channel

The Body Energy Center

Provides the raw wattage or QUANTITY of vital energy to your energetic frequency.

The Heart Energy Center

Provides the emotional QUALITY, the feelings of connection: compassion, appreciation, gratitude, and love.

The Mind Energy Center

Provides the concentration and the mental power to choose your thoughts and focus on what you want to attract rather than being at the mercy of your mind.

And the Central Channel

Integrates all three and gives you a strong felt sense of who you are and your place in the Universe!

What Kevin realized was you needed a form of meditation that focuses on all three dantians and the Central Channel… at the same time!

That’s when Kevin took it into his own hands.

Here’s The First And Only Meditation Method

That Activates All Three Of Your Dantians Together

Here’s what Kevin did…

He realized Qigong was still the best way to develop raw energetic power in the lower dantian… what Kevin calls ” the “body center”.

When you activate your Body Center energy using these rarely known Qigong techniques… you create a raw confidence, stability and personal power.

Unfortunately, this practice alone is not able to handle emotional stress and 21st century mental clutter… as we have discovered.

Before using core energy meditation I was anxious, and my daily life was often out of control. My biggest barrier was a lack of focus and a sense of calm. Practicing core energy meditation gave me a centeredness that allowed me to make needed changes in my approach to life. I am now more calm, positive, and accepting of myself and of others.

Debbie Anderson Lebanon, PA
United States

I was plagued by constant mind chatter, most of it negative. This chatter insisted that happiness was not my fate. Daily practice with the Core Energy Meditation started to give me moments of serenity where I could think and re-assess and center. I now enjoy a calm exterior and lots of what I call “enjoy time” because little things don’t seem to bother me nearly as much as they used to. A noticeable, pleasant difference in my approach to life I am happy…..a lot!

Tonus Atkins
San Francisco, CA United States

So Kevin looked into The HeartMath Institute.

They have published scientific research on the heart… And they’ve discovered the heart emits an “electromagnetic field” that is up to 5000 times stronger than that emitted by your brain.

When you practice heart-based meditation…

You start processing and purifying emotions like sadness, anxiety, fear, anger and more.

So Kevin began integrating the best heart-centered techniques available into his Qigong practice.

But that wasn’t enough.

Kevin wanted to ensure his meditation practice integrated ALL dimensions of his being – including the Mind Center.

He discovered Kriya Yoga and looked into Biofeedback. Both are powerful meditation practices that develop the Mind Center and mind-based capacities like concentration, clarity and focus.

And after many years of dedicated practice, development and refining…

As he practiced the techniques himself and taught them to clients and students… people from all walks of life, whether rich or poor, male or female, young or old…

After thousands have tried this new meditation method…

Kevin has finally put together a powerful meditation method that works on all three dantians together– the Body, Heart and Mind energy centers… along with opening up the central channel…

I was already happy, but battling to find out what was wrong with my throat. Nothing showed up medically… In March I discovered and started the Core Energy Meditation. After 2 weeks, all my (10 years of) annoying menopausal symptoms happened to disappear! After 3 weeks I noticed my shoulder/neck was healed. I’d been having acupuncture, cortisol and lots of physio for this for 6 months with no success – and was taking a break from it all when I started the CEM. I’m so much calmer and even happier than before. This is wonderful! I believe that my throat (husky for 15 months now) will also heal using the CEM as it’s only been a month. Thanks so much Kevin & Matt. This is life changing!

Shelley Iremonger Brisbane, Queensland Australia

And he calls this new and proven way to meditate…

Core Energy Meditation

How to Create a Crystal Clear Channel Between All Three Dantians — Body, Heart & Mind — So You Can Clear The
Clutter, Remove Negative Beliefs, Raise You Energy Frequency to a “Core Energy Vibration”,
and Manifest What You Truly Desire… In Just 20 Minutes A Day!


Here’s what happens when you use Core Energy Meditation…

  • You will feel a crystal clear channel going through the Core of your being, from your abdomen, to your heart, to your mind.
  • You will process any negative thoughts, mental clutter and overwhelming emotions. They will resolve and integrate.
  • And when all three dantians (your Body, Heart and Mind Energy Centers) are “lit up” and integrated…
  • And the Central Channel integrates all three and gives you a strong felt sense of who you are and your place in the Universe!

You will find yourself in a state of open, clear, spacious Awareness — a deep state of relaxation, true inner peace and a Zen quiet unlike you’ve ever had before…

And also —

Since all three dantians are getting the attention they need, you will release your emotional blocks, mental clutter and uncertainty much more easily than you can with traditional meditation practices.

When all three dantians work together, you “sync up” to the universe.

But most importantly…

You will reach a peak level “Core Vibration Frequency” where you feel connected with Source Energy.

It is here, in this “sweet spot” that you receive what you truly desire in your life. Wealth. Abundance. Peace. Love. Happiness. Joy.

I had a huge block in going forward due to fear and insecurity. Core Energy Meditation helped me face what was causing my fear and let it go so I could move forward and not be frozen. I must say, I get so much information from all my research on personal growth and your information is my favorite and the most successful, I always read your offers and mails and tend to ignore the others now.

Val Toledo
South Africa

Before I started Core Energy Meditation, I hardly ever meditated. My barrier to happiness and success was stopping — getting going on a program yet not continuing. The meditations on your CDs have helped to extend my time before I “fall out” of a practice — and also, I get back into with less of a time lapse than before starting your programs. Where I am now is at the level of a semi-consistent novice.

Dianne Lee
Long Beach, California United States

What’s more…

  • Kevin’s developed this meditation method so it only takes 20 minutes a day to practice.
  • It is a guided meditation so you never have to worry about getting lost, or wondering if you’re “doing it right”.


  • Working with The Mind Body Training Company, we’ve put these discoveries into a simple 3-CD program sent to your home… (And also an instant download included so you can be listening to the guided audio in a matter of minutes from now).

Just look at what our customers have to say about Core Energy Meditation so far…

There are testimonials all along the right-hand column of this web-page… and those are only a small sample. And because you’ve taken the time to come to this website, we’d like to send you a copy of Core Energy Meditation for a 30% discount.

But before I do that, I have to ask you a very serious question first…

Can You Put A Price On Complete Peace…

Or Being Able To Manifest Anything You Want Through Meditation?

It’s a serious question.

Stop for a moment… and think back to a time when you were vibrating at a core energy frequency.
Maybe you were doing something you love and were feeling “in the flow” or “in the zone”.

The truth is… if you’ve ever felt that before…

Where you felt deep, singularly focused inner peace… the kind where all you feel is a pure, clear, spacious Awareness… and an indescribable silence that’s almost surreal…

…Whenever I use the Core Energy meditation, it easily and quickly brings me to a relaxed, deep state. It’s very nice. Thank you.

Ann Ide Framingham, MA United States

My life was OK before I started Core Energy Meditation. I have tried numerous other forms of self development techniques with good results. I guess I am always searching for better and better ways to develop myself and change for the better. I can say this program is giving me a bit of a boost as well. I genuinely feel peaceful during the meditation and feel energized and refreshed afterwards. I enjoy it very much as I have always enjoyed meditation and techniques that quiet the conscious, unruly mind. I haven’t been doing it consistently and have only tried it for a week or two, but I know if I keep doing it, I will reap the benefits. I like how it is simple yet effective. I have to hand it to you Matt. You should be proud of this product. It is one of the genuine articles out there.

Val Toledo
Capetown, South Africa

You know the heavenly bliss of it.

Maybe you’ve experienced it after a much-deserved vacation… or after becoming a new parent… or you’ve had a rare glimpse of it in one of those “moments” with family, a friend or completely by accident…

Where it was filled with love, abundance and complete peace…

And you’re trying to repeat that experience with meditation…

You know how empowering that inner peace is…

The clear slate where all possibilities open up. The strength to start new things. The renewed stamina to meet the daily challenges in your life. This is you connecting to Source Energy, where you start working with the Law of Attraction.

Strong. Stress-free. Empowered. Like nothing can upset or shake you.

And that (that incredible feeling) is what I’m asking you to put a price on.

Can you do it?

I know I can’t myself.

What if opening up and becoming your “best self” led to a new (or renewed) relationship, a closer connection to your family… and perhaps even new love?

What if you discovered your true purpose, and started a successful business, career or venture?

What if even, it simply empowered you to do what you do every day with more passion, attention and focus?

Would your family, colleagues and network take notice? Would they see you in a new light? Would they treat you differently?

Would they shower you with the same love in return? Would they offer you more opportunities?

Would you start attracting the type of people you need to succeed in life?

It could mean true happiness. It could mean millions in earnings and profits. It could mean a life of peace. It could mean relationships with fewer fights, more love, more connection, more passion, more energy.

I meditated before I started these courses but never had the same sense of deep awareness and flow that has emerged now. The barrier I had to my personal happiness was the chattering mind and lack of self-worth. What made a difference was starting the CEM and then moving on the Qigong meditations that build [on the practice]. The more I practice the more they help me centre in a deep yet aware state. I now feel more centered, loving, aware and connected to Source. There is a richness in life and an opening of the Heart. These CDs and courses are truly wonderful. The CDs are very well structured with a good balance of information and teaching content. They lead you through learning new techniques with clarity. Kevin’s voice is particularly rich and helps me relax fully into the meditations. I feel a sense of resonance with their content almost like ‘coming home’ since I began them. I also have noticed a process of internal growth. The meditation practices are now part of my daily routine and help me stay in tune with my Higher Self. I feel calm and more energized and am joyously flowing creatively. Thank you Kevin and Matt!

Shelley Iremonger Brisbane, Queensland Australia

That’s why I’m also including…

My RISK—FREE Six–Month

“Meditation That Finally Works!” Or 100% Money Back Guarantee

I know how important it is for you to feel connected with the Source and receive what you truly desire. That’s why you started meditating
(or tried to) in the first place, yes? But you need to tap into all three dantians (energy centers), raise your vibration first,
and reach peak “core energy frequency”.

Core Energy Meditation

will help you do exactly that

42 combined years 165,000 people


How can I make such a bold guarantee?

Because through 42 combined years of experience helping over 165,000 people around the world in dozens of countries in all walks of life — rich or poor, healthy or sick, single or happily in love — Core Energy Meditation has helped them raise their vibration to a whole new level.

It’s quite simple


Logindownload audiobe happy

Get instant access to Core Energy Meditation in the next five minutes. Log into your private membership area, download
the audio program and manuals… And within 20 minutes, you could be experiencing a Core Energy State.
(You will also receive a physical copy of the CD and manual mailed to your doorstep).

The guided meditation is plain, simple and easy.

It will only take 20 minutes a day. And it will start working soon after. You will not get lost, or wonder if you’re “doing it right”.

only 20

Now — it’s different for everyone

But here are the common experiences. As you feel yourself accessing your three dantians (energy centers) — body, heart and mind — opening a crystal clear channel through all three… you will feel whole. Negative energy will dissolve, flow through and release. It will create an “opening” that allows you to feel connected to the source. This is where you start working with the Law of Attraction at maximum power.

At the end of your 6-month trial

If you can honestly say you’re not “blown away” by how much you’ve transformed… how much more relaxed you are…
how much more quickly you can manifest your true desires… Then give me the word and I’ll refund
every penny you invested in the Core Energy Meditation program.

100% money back guarantee!

In fact, let me make it COMPLETELY risk-free for you.

I want you to be 110% satisfied with Core Energy Meditation. If you review the manual, audio program and guided meditation, and even if you make significant changes to your life… but still feel it’s NOT worth the money you paid for it… ASK FOR A FULL REFUND… even if it’s the last day of the 183-day guarantee. I will honor it, no questions asked.


What Would Life Be Like

If You Could Always Access Your “Core Energy Frequency”?


Imagine for a moment…

What it would be like to be calm, relaxed, in control and in touch with the universe for the next six months. What would that be like for you?

I can only imagine.

How amazing would you make every moment, every minute and every day… for yourself and your loved ones?

Can you see it?

How would your relationships change?

Would you find passion in your love life again? Would you bond more with your children? Create and go on new adventures with your family
and friends?

What kind of abundance and wealth would you attract into your life?

Would you start a new business, career or venture? Would new promotions, opportunities or clients “show up” in your life?

What personal achievements would you reach for?

Would you finally write a book? Take a class? Travel? Learn to cook? Would you start painting? When you practice Core Energy Meditation… you find your center and balance, so you can become you again. And here’s the best part… you can try Core Energy Meditation for six months risk-free. Put it to the test. Experience it first. That’s 183 fully realized and powerful days. Invest in the Core Energy Meditation program today, and you’ll have six months to experience everything it can do for you. If you don’t feel like it has transformed your life, ask for a refund. I will honor it.

Put Core Energy Meditation

to work in your life today…

Gold Option


Shipped 3CD Set + Booklet + Instant Downloads (MP3 & PDF)



Silver Option


Instant Downloads (MP3 & PDF)




When you can experience a crystal clear channel between all three dantians (from the body, to the heart, to the body energy centers).

Not only will you clear your mind clutter away — You’ll also see negative and self-limiting beliefs loosening, dissolving and releasing. You will experience a pure release as you connect with Source Energy.

But that’s not all!

It is in this complete and total quiet… this clean, clear peace… that you are able to sync up with the universe. This is where affirmations, visualization and the law of attraction begin to work at their maximum potential.

When this happens, you may see your new self doing incredible things. And you will find yourself asking, “Where have I been all this time?”

Uncover your true self

by practicing Core Energy Meditation today…

Gold Option


Shipped 3CD Set + Booklet + Instant Downloads (MP3 & PDF)



Silver Option


Instant Downloads (MP3 & PDF)



I want you to be thrilled

with Core Energy Meditation

I want you to be so transformed by it, you’ll practice it every day for the rest of your life.

But I don’t want you to commit to it unless it works.

That’s why you can “test drive” it for six months (that’s 183 days) without feeling obligated. You can return this program anytime during this trial period and get a full refund.

I don’t think you’ll see any other meditation program with this kind of guarantee out there. Try Core Energy Meditation today…

Try Core Energy Meditation today

Gold Option


Shipped 3CD Set + Booklet + Instant Downloads (MP3 & PDF)



Silver Option

Instant Downloads (MP3 & PDF)



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