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Two Easy Meditation Techniques

breatheEasy meditation techniques, although simple, can make a huge difference in your daily life. In just a few short minutes, these meditative techniques can help you relax and feel better. Each of these meditations can be done in several minutes, although for best effects aim for at least 10-15 minutes.

1. Basic Yoga Breathing

Most of us run around so quickly during the day that we forget to take time to breathe. Yes, of course, your body keeps breathing, yet these are often shallow breaths that don’t refresh us. To relax and retrain yourself to breathe correctly, try this simple technique.

Sit in a straight-backed chair with your spine straight. Imagine that, like a puppet, you have someone holding you up by a string in your head. (Basically, just sit up straight.)

Start by taking 25 deep belly breaths. In a deep belly breath, put your hands over your belly button. As you breathe, feel your abdomen extend. Try not to move your chest at all.

Then, do 25 chest breaths. When doing a chest breath, put your hands on your chest and heart area, and feel your chest rise and fall. Try not to move your belly.

Then, combine them. Do 25 belly and chest breaths. To do this, begin each breath by filling your belly and then your chest. Then breathe out.

As you do this, your mind may wander. No problem! That’s actually part of the process. Simply gently pull your attention back to the area around your belly.

If you do these breathing exercises regularly, you can retrain yourself to breathe in the correct manner, and the benefits will follow you in the rest of your life as well.

2. Basic Breath Counting Meditation

This meditation will build your powers of concentration and it will help you quickly relax and focus your mind.

As above, sit up straight in your chair. Close your eyes and focus on the in-and-out breathing of your belly.

Then, count your breaths. In-and-out counts as one breath. Count up to 10 breaths. When you reach 10, simply begin again and start at one.

If your mind wanders – which it will – no problem. Gently return your attention to your breath and the area around your belly and start again from 1.

Continue for as long as you like. As you repeat these easy meditation techniques, you build your powers of concentration and learn to relax quickly.

Good luck!

Author Bio: Adam Chalker is a certified personal coach with a Masters in Education and Human Development. His website, provides instructions for easy meditation techniques as well as many other personal growth practices.

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