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I Turned My Garage into a Tranquil Meditation Room – You Can Too!

meditationWhen I first discovered meditation I was skeptical; but soon, all my doubts were laid to rest. I found myself craving it as much as my ritualistic morning coffee. I wanted more. I explored yoga. I read books on meditation, its benefits and its history.

I became more grounded, but quickly realized that I needed my own mediation space. Sometimes, my stress level made the task of driving to group mediation or yoga class too taxing.

I knew I needed this space to be separate from my living space, when suddenly it hit me: my garage!

And so, the research began. I wanted to know everything about renovating and converting the space. Now that I’m almost on the other side of things, I want to share my experience by offering advice. Here is a brief run-down on the steps I took and am taking to transform my dusty garage into my own personal Zen – and why you should do the same.

The Structure is in Place

The basics you need to create a tranquil meditation room are already there. This is why so many people choose to convert their garage into everything from additional living space, a home gym or game room. The structure is in place and framed. The slab is poured. This takes much of the expense associated with adding on to an existed home.

It’s Closed Off to the World

As merely a place to park your car, your garage is likely dingy and lacking in personality. As a meditation space, the fact that it’s closed off to the world is a positive. This is not to say that your potential mediation room should be dingy or anything other than tranquil, but dim does not equal dingy or dull- it’s a matter of presentation and perception. You want your mediation room to be a secluded space and one that is noticeably separate from your living space and a garage is the perfect fit once the transformation is complete.

It’s Easily Insulated for Noise Reduction

Part of the illusion of solitude is being insulated from the outside world. The trick to making your garage feel completely secluded is to make sure it is properly insulated. This will keep out outside noise and distractions and can be achieved easily by repairing or replacing your garage door.

I met with a company that provides garage doors in Clearwater. I learned that many new garage doors offer a range of insulation options. These options work well in achieving an extra barrier of sound protection in order to get to your most relaxing, peaceful meditation state. After reviewing garage doors on the market, I chose a garage door replacement. Now it’s just me and my thoughts- or the sounds of my choosing.

It’s Open for Decoration

The open space allows you to bring in personal artifacts to use in decoration- or adornment- that embody you and your spirit, as well as allow reflection on life’s deeper meanings and fulfillments. Since you want a space conducive to meditation, there are some basic elements of a calming space. Specifically, you will need an alter and seating.

Your altar will serve as a collection of things that ground your spiritual self and aide in connecting your body and mind. I chose an old side table, that when seated remains at eye level. This part of the process is entirely personal because it’s a reflection of you.

While my own meditation room is technically complete, I don’t consider it to be since it is the physical place that symbolizes my outer and inner connection. This relationship is constantly growing and changing, as does my place of reflection. I still attend group yoga and meditation, but having my own space has been a life-changing experience, one that I encourage others to do as well.

Have you created a meditation nook at home? Do you have any additional tips to share? Let us know!

Kathy Miller is a huge supporter of alternative and complementary medicine – that is why her at-home meditation nook was so important.  She had a great support system during the project, including the professionals who provided the garage doors in Clearwater. The garage door replacement was her biggest fear, but that part of the project went smoothly. Now, her garage is the perfect meditation oasis!

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