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Six Steps to a Successful Meditation

Comfortable position for a successful meditationA lot people all over the globe have heard of the many benefits of mediation but they don’t know how to meditate. Meditation when done in the proper manner will help anyone achieve their inner peace and focus whether they are meditating for self-healing purposes or for spiritual reasons.

Those who know how to meditate the right way are able to relax and open their minds to whatever results they hope to achieve through meditating.   Learning how to meditate properly need not be a difficult venture as long as one is aware of the basic guidelines of proper meditation.

Instructions on How to Meditate

A. Choose a place that is quiet, the ideal place would be a place that is not frequented by friends and relatives as they are likely to disturb your peace. Most people opt for their bedrooms, bathrooms or even a quiet place out in the countryside. Any place would work well as long as you are alone and at peace.

B. Set up your chosen place of meditation with items that will help you focus. Some people will light candles while turning off the electric light for a more relaxed atmosphere. This is because dim light always seems to help in relaxing the mind.

C. For those who love it, incense will also help you to relax. Different scents are lit for different purposes, for example, sage incense is said to ward off negative energy.

D. Make sure you are comfortable as you meditate, get a comfortable cushion or couch, sitting on a hard surface will break your concentration.

E. Pick out an object within your surroundings to focus on. This object could be your candle flame or something that will easily pull the eye. If you wish, you can focus on nothing at all.

Breathe in deeply after closing your eyes and finding your focus. With a whoosh, exhale your deep breath while taking note of your breath patterns. Focus on your diaphragm and try to breath from it. The diaphragm is located right below the lungs. By breathing from your diaphragm, you will be able to remain balanced which makes it the most popular breathing technique especially for yoga enthusiasts.

F. For music lovers, playing something softly in the background also proves to be very relaxing. Others find music quite irritating and choose an area that is totally quiet. For others, the sounds of nature can be relaxing while others find instrumental music quite helpful.

There are various types of meditation and if you find meditation is not working for you then it is wise to try another. Another great tip on how to meditate is to take things slowly, begin with five to ten minutes daily and as you get accustomed to it, increase the time span to what you would desire.

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