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Six Reasons Why People Who Meditate Are Excellent Candidates For Love

home2_13It is notoriously difficult to find The One these days. Furthermore, once you have settled down with someone, the unnatural amount of pressure involved in modern life makes any relationship hard to sustain. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s seen their partnerships break down under the weight of combined stress. However, all is not lost! Meditation may well be a short cut to a whole load of positive character traits that will help romance flourish. If you’re still unconvinced, here’s six reasons why people who meditate are excellent candidates for love.

1. They Probably Haven’t Rejected All Earthly Pleasures.

Well, the first piece of good news is that meditation doesn’t instantly equal monk-like abstinence, so you will be having at least as much sex as is normal in a relationship (how much that is, no one has ever established). In fact, Vedic meditation was deliberately designed for those engaged with life and doesn‘t require any spiritual or religious commitment at all, which is useful if you snort every time someone says the word “chakras”. Also, as will be expanded on further, meditation reduces stress and anxiety, two things that are proven turn offs. It is a scientific fact that it’s impossible to feel aroused when the only mental image you can muster is of your boss’s stern face hovering over the pile of work you have yet to complete.

2. They Display Increased Focus and Creativity…

So not only will you be having more sex with your meditating love wizard, it will be endlessly more inventive! A prospect that is either exciting or terrifying, depending on your preferences. Apart from this though, it’s nice to have a creative partner. They can entertain you with an impromptu bassoon solo, or draw you like one of their French girls in the manner of Leo in Titanic.

3. …Whilst Also Having More Compassion.

Studies have shown that those who meditate have “stronger activation levels in their temporal parietal junctures”. Of course this sentence alone means nothing to anyone, (except maybe brain scientists. Those nerds!) but essentially this is the part of the brain linked with empathy. Also the amygdala, that well known brain squiggle that processes emotional stuff, kicks in more intensely when those who meditate view pictures of other people. This is of course excellent news, because there are few character traits more valued in a partner than kindness and understanding.

4. They Are Less Stressed

You only have to take a trip to the supermarket to realize the value of this one. You see people incandescent with rage as their partners question their cheese choice and insist on walking half a mile back round the store to get the one that is three pence cheaper. Later you spot individuals eyeballing their partner furiously as they try, and fail, to use to self service checkouts efficiently. Being with someone who lets these things go over their head can diffuse many fraught situations and spending time with a person who doesn’t barge through life in a permanent state of half formed aggression will do wonders for your own state of mind.

5. Better Memory and Learning.

Meditation has been proven to develop the Hippocampus, which sits somewhere in the middle of your brain. And while “a better hippocampus” may not be as immediately evident as other traits such as “junk in the trunk” it has many noticeable benefits. First off, it means enhanced memory and learning. So your new beau/beauette can remember that you hate scatter cushions and dive in heroically to remove them from every room you enter. They will also learn quickly about all your charming character quirks, knowledge that may otherwise have taken many years of intense study. Secondly, research has shown that long-term meditation can actually improve the structure of peoples’ brains and make them better thinkers. Therefore, if you want someone who’s going to lead your pub quiz team to victory, a meditation enthusiast could be the one for you.

6. They Are Healthier.

Now it’s probably best not to focus on factors such as reduced risk of heart attack or stroke, because normal people don’t pick their prospective partners based on how long they are likely to live as that’s just morbid. However, those who meditate sleep better (which is encouraging news for anyone who’s ever shared their bed with a fidgeting wiggler that refuses to stop talking) and they also have more energy once they are awake. These are both Very Good Things, especially if you are a sofa bound sort that wants some impetus to go out and enjoy stuff.

Of course, one positive habit in a potential partner doesn’t necessarily equal instant romantic success. But all these improvements to stress levels, health and creativity can make building a relationship a lot more straight forward and enjoyable. And who knows, perhaps if you’d rather not place “must meditate” in your dating ad, you could simply take it up yourself and enjoy the benefits first hand.

Author Bio: Holly Ashby is a writer and illustrator who currently works for Will Williams Meditation, who provide meditation classes in London. Their aim is to help people cope with stress through Vedic Meditation.

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