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Simple and Easy Meditation Techniques For Beginners to Relieve Everyday Stress

How to meditateThe reason why most people pursue the practice of daily meditation is to relieve their mind and body of the rigors of modern life and everyday stress. People in these modern times want peace of mind and are seeking a sense of clarity of things around them. In order to avoid the pressures of the world weighing down upon them, they look to gain this from internal rather than external sources such as medication, television or alcohol.

There are very simple and easy meditation techniques for beginners to learn without the time and expense of hiring a personal yoga instructor. Most of these only involve simple actions such as focused breathing exercises or listening to a cd while at home to guide you to a desired meditative state. Once mastered, one can then move on to learn more advanced meditation techniques as they progress along their lifelong journey of meditation.

Easy meditation techniques for beginners:

Focused Breathing Exercises: Considered one of the easier meditation techniques for beginners who are starting from square one. Many beginning practitioners believe strict meditation position is important, however it is vastly over-rated. It is only important that you are comfortable whether sitting in lotus, sitting comfortably in a chair, leaning back or lying down. With this exercise, also known as pranayama, the practitioner begins to breathe at a comfortable pace from the nose with eyes closed. Through a series of timed inhale and exhales over a short period of time, a meditative state can be reached with good focus.

Guided Meditation: Guided meditation is currently considered the most common of all meditation techniques for beginners due to its ease and efficacy. There are various styles and methods, however the guided portion of the meditation is a reference to the guide you hear while you listen to a meditation cd. Typically these cd’s will play very relaxing music such as sounds of nature which help settle your mind to prepare you for meditation. The guide will speak to you and set the tone of meditation as they go further into detail describing various scenes and how to breathe accordingly. Finally, the guide will lead you into the desired meditative state whether it is sleep, goal achievement, connection to your inner self or any other reason.

As one can see these are very easy meditation techniques for beginners to learn that act as excellent jumping off points to relieve their everyday stress. They help build a meditative foundation as many advanced meditation experts admit they still practice these techniques quite often.

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