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How to Put Relaxation Meditation Techniques to Work

relaxation-meditation-techniquesI bet you can think of someone who you sometimes wonder if they have conquered relaxation meditation techniques.  They seem so calm under pressure, so able to control their moods and they have such great coping skills.  These are the byproducts of an effective and working relaxation meditation technique.

“Relax”.  That is some word isn’t it?  Have you had times when you “just needed to relax”, but you could not?  It’s pretty common.  But some people know that there are ways to use  relaxation meditation techniques to help them put their minds, bodies and spirits at rest and to reach that state of relaxation where they can sleep, be who they really are with friends and family or get back to work in a relaxed and settled way.  So it will pay us big time if we can get a head start on learning how to put relaxation meditation techniques to work so we have control over this important area of life as well.

Press Your Own Buttons

We all have things that relax us and things that don’t.  That is why meditation “gurus” work with you to select just the right focus points for you so you have objects to meditate upon that already have that power to relax you.  If anything, the daily or routine exercise of your relaxation meditation technique is a training ground for you to test out different focus points to see what brings about relaxation and what does not.

Any time you settle down for a time in meditation, you set out some goals for what you want to achieve.  Part of the change of approach of designing a relaxation meditation technique is to make moving toward a higher level of relaxation a goal of the exercise.  By learning to “push your own buttons” so you know precisely not only the focus points that move you most quickly toward relaxation but how to use them, you are developing your skills in relaxation meditation technique to use at other times.

Perfect Your Relaxation Meditation Technique

There is more to being able to executive a well trained relaxation meditation technique than just using it during those times of isolation when things are calm and your environment is perfectly tuned to what you are doing.  After all, the fine tuned ability to introduce relaxation to your mind on command is a powerful weapon in everyday life.  So one of the goals of exercising and perfecting your relaxation meditation technique is to learn the key points of relaxation and how to trigger them so they become virtually “second nature” to you.

This will take time but its time worth investing in your relaxation meditation technique.  As you develop your program, you will be able to reach a state of calm and relaxation more quickly which will tell you that you are becoming an expert at your relaxation meditation technique.  That expertise will serve you well when you take what you have learned and apply it in the world outside of your meditation retreat.

Take it Into Battle

Now you are ready to become like those people we talked about earlier.  Except you may not be someone who was just born “cool under pressure.”  What you have done is you have used your relaxation meditation techniques to train your mind in how to go to that relaxed place even when things around you are not calm and quiet and serene.

You may find yourself applying your relaxation meditation techniques at first in calm situations where small things go wrong.  A plate breaks or you get hassled in traffic.  Instead of tensing up, getting angry or losing it, your relaxation meditation technique begins to take over.  Soon you are going down those well traveled roads in your mind that you learned so well when practicing your meditative methods but you are getting the results of increased relaxation but in a real world situation.

You are getting the benefits that athletes sometimes enjoy.  The benefits of your discipline are paying off in every day life.  Then as you sense your relaxation meditation techniques finding ways to keep you relaxed under mild pressure, you can learn how to trigger those reactions when greater and greater stress comes upon you.  To the world, you are a whole new person.

But you know that you are the same person but one who has learned the disciplines to stay relaxed, even, as they say, when everybody else around you are going crazy.  Then people will look at you and say, “He seems so calm under pressure.  She is so able to control her moods.  They have such great coping skills.”  And at that moment, your relaxation meditation techniques have paid off to the ultimate and all your hard work will have been worth all the time you invested.

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Taking the time each day for relaxation and meditation (and for some, prayer) is so important to having a balanced life. I often run into trouble when I let my life get so busy that I don’t have wind down time. The result is built up stress that comes out on my loved ones and a decreased level of ability to love others. We need our space of time every day!

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