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A Meditation to Clear Fear, Sadness, and Anything Else!

girlIf you ever feel “lost in paradise” with fear, sadness and other negative emotions, I hope you enjoyed this week’s post about how to clear any negative pattern. Today I’d like to share with you a powerful meditation to clear fear, sadness, hopelessness, or anything else.

At a core level, this really is the secret sauce that makes any inner clearing technique (meditation, EFT, releasing etc.) work like gangbusters. I also shared with you a simple, but powerful meditation technique to dramatically accelerate your inner clearing process. (If you haven’t seen the post yet, then I strongly suggest taking a closer look when you have time).

Here’s the big clearing insight to remember:

Resisting any pattern – fear, hopelessness, depression, procrastination, or anything else – is actually counter-productive. The stronger your desire to fix, control, or stop your stuck pattern from happening, the more you’re actually feeding and fueling it. Ironic, isn’t it?

Let’s examine how to use meditation to clear fear and panic with this insight:

(…which are good examples of what I’m talking about – although the same principle holds true for any limiting pattern.)

With worry, anxiety, and panic, what typically happens is that you’ve had some fear come up in the past. But now the mind is trying to figure out how to stop the pattern from happening again in the future. Suddenly the mind imagines future scenarios and tries to figure out how to stop the pattern happening again.

But what are you focusing on?

(I know, anxiety feels awful – I suffered horribly with anxiety for many years before I finally moved through it.)

The strong desire to stop the pattern from happening actually triggers MORE fearful thoughts and feelings – until the panic cascades out of control.

You might try to “think positive” or distract yourself, but in my experience that doesn’t work either. Why? Because the underlying intent to stop the pattern is still putting most of your focus ON the pattern. Again, “resistance is futile,” as Kyle commented.

The answer is the 3-step meditation to clear fear I shared…

With fear or anything else, start by accepting, to the best of your ability, that the pattern is coming up in the moment. If you find you’re still resisting the pattern, then start by accepting THAT layer of the pattern – that resistance is happening. From there, you can move to Phase 2 and 3 of the “meditation to clear fear” as and when you find you are able.

This is just one idea that will help you clear anxiety (or any other pattern).

Here’s another that helped me overcome my anxiety problem:

Don’t pretend the pattern isn’t a destructive force in your life. Set aside a little time each day to work on it. Welcome the memory of the last time the pattern was active. Welcome the thoughts, emotions, and body sensations.

Set aside a little time each day to love yourself and the pattern in this way.

That’s how you gradually weaken strong patterns, so that next time you’re in that situation, it will have less power.

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Peace and prosperity,
– Matt

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