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How Meditation Can Help You Reduce Stress

Mindfulness-MeditationThere are many things in life that happen without our knowledge and are beyond our control. We meet many people everyday and we face many new experiences that are not all favorable. This is life!

Far from all these good and bad experiences that often happen beyond our will, there is something that we can control, which gives us the ability to choose to be unsatisfied or contented; our MIND!

If we can learn how to control it and take responsibility over our own state of mind, we can change our perspective towards life and even in the midst of an unpleasant stressful event, feel calm and happy.

Meditation in this way is one of the means of training the mind and bringing its functions into voluntary control, thereby attaining specific capacities such as calmness, inner peace and happiness.

It is basically an attempt to focus the attention and prolong the awareness to self-regulate the body and mind with the purpose of attaining a subjective experience. This experience is often described as calming, soothing and blissful.

In this way the benefits of meditation can be described as simple as reaching a level of peace and happiness, to gaining higher levels of consciousness and achieving illumination. What benefit we get from meditation basically depends on the nature of the meditation and its purpose; but whatever it is, calmness, stillness and peace are commonly achieved by doing any type of meditation.

It can be a short simple breathing meditation or an advanced meditation technique such as Kundalini meditation or Arhatic Dhyan, all can help us reduce stress and feel happy.

An example of a simple meditation that can help us in a day-to-day life to reduce stress and gain inner peace is the Meditation on Twin Hearts.

It is a short, guided meditation, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui to achieve peace and illumination through activating the Heart and Crown energy centers or chakras.

The Heart chakra known as the Center for Human Love is our higher emotional center. In order to feel happy, calm and in peace, Heart chakra should be sufficiently activated.

Crown chakra on the other hand is known as the Center for Divine Love, which is the entry point for divine energy to enter the body. Divine energy basically works as a purifying agent by flushing out the negative thoughts and emotions, including stress, from the aura and the chakras, thereby creating a sense of calmness and stillness. To activate the Crown chakra though, the Heart chakra should be sufficiently activated, as it is the lower correspondence of the Crown.

There are many meditations and practices that activate the Heart and Crown chakras such as chanting mantras, concentration on the breath and Zen meditations.

Meditation on the Twin Hearts is also one of them!

Once the Heart and Crown chakras get activated during the meditation by blessing the earth and all the sentient being with the energies of loving-kindness, we will be filled with the energies of the same kind. This not only helps to reduce stress, but also fills us with so much positivity towards life and lots of compassion towards our fellow men.

Although it might be short, meditation has been proven effective in reducing stress, decreasing the amount of anxiety in our system, fighting depression and boosting our morale.

Meditation in general, silent or guided, private or in a group, can improve the overall health of our body and our psychological state. Reducing stress is only one of the effects among many other benefits that meditation generates.

Start your meditation experience and live a stress-free life.


Being an architect by profession who loves spirituality and alternative therapy, Hengameh Fazeli joined Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga school, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, in 2007 and later became a Pranic Healing instructor in 2009. Since then she is experiencing tremendous improvement in all aspects of life including health, career and personal life. Currently she is the author of and she conducts regular healing sessions and Pranic Healing workshops.

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