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Meditation at Home Basics: How to Get Grounded in your Space

Meditation at homeA big move, a holiday celebration, a vacation from work, a new job, even just the changes in the weather can shake the balance you feel every day.

Are you grounded in the spirit of your home?

If you are feeling unbalanced and out of sorts, starting a new meditation practice or maintaining one could be a challenge. Get yourself settled into your space at home by incorporating these four directions and their associated elements into your daily practice before beginning meditation at home.

Getting Grounded Starts with the Earth

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have time to meditate, getting grounded is the place to begin. One of the main benefits of practicing yoga postures is the way this physical movement can ground your body in your space and clear your mind.

There are a few great yoga postures for finding physical balance. Try out some of my favourites: Mountain, Corpse (nothing quite so grounding as lying on the earth), Tree pose, and Child’s pose. For the beginner, Mountain is a great way to make standing meditation work for you.

And if you have the space (and the weather) to take your meditation outside, then get your feet in the green grass and the moist earth.

Deep Breaths

Where can you breathe freely in your home? Where do you get all your best thinking done? Where are you able to work with the greatest focus and ease?

To connect with the element of air in your home, employ a regular breathing meditation through the day. Stop, close your eyes, and count your breaths. Breathe in and fill your lungs, then breathe out one. In again, out two. Keep counting until you reach ten.

If you get distracted and lose count, start again as long as you desire. Do this for five minutes every hour or three throughout your workday or when you need a greater sense of focus. (If you do it in the car, be sure to pull over first!)

A Spirit Burning Brightly

The fire in your home may be obvious – a fireplace or woodstove, a backyard fireplace, a BBQ, or perhaps the oven if you spend a lot of time as a family in the kitchen.

But it might be the place you gather to “sit around the fire” even if you don’t have a hearth. Does your family spend its time in the dining room around a large table? Or in the living room around a game system?

Going with the Flow

What is the source of emotional abundance in your home? Where do you feel at your most fluid and flowing?

Do you have clean water flowing through your taps? If so, you have a great gift at your fingertips that many do not and may never enjoy. Bless and meditate on the pure crystal clarity of your first glass of water in the morning. Call the cleansing power of a hot bath into yourself, letting your negativity flush down the drain.

More than anything else, when you are working to develop a meditation practice, focus on your gratitude. Where are you most comfortable in your home?

Where can you see the sunrise and sunset? From which window or porch or balcony can you get a look at the full moon? In what way can the elements of earth, air, fire, and water find their way into your practice as you stabilize your life at home?

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Great tips Bex! I find the hot bath experience works great for me but I’ll have to try some of your other suggestions as well 🙂

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