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Meditation For Anxiety

girl-2If you struggle with anxiety problems, meditation for anxiety is your ticket for reduction and perhaps elimination. We live in a stress-filled, busy society where many people complain of too much anxiety and stress. It seems like there is always something to do, someone to go see, work, chores, cooking, and the list goes on and on.

You might not realize this, but millions of men and women are taking anti-anxiety pills due to high levels of anxiety. Granted, some of these people have medical issues and such a prescription is quite necessary to keep their anxiety levels at a lower level, but there are plenty of people who take anti-anxiety medication that could learn some techniques to reduce anxiety instead of taking a pill.

Meditation for anxiety saves the day

Meditation is one technique that has proven to reduce anxiety and stress. In fact, meditation has been around since the ancient days and has been used for relaxation and as a tool for spiritual development. It’s quite easy to meditate; probably the hardest part is to actually make yourself sit quietly for any length of time.

There are various meditation techniques, but in its simplest form, meditation is sitting quietly focusing on the inhale and exhale of the breath. The goal is to focus on the present and quiet the mind. I’m sure you are aware of the thousands of thoughts running through your mind every day. It’s difficult to get a quiet moment in the mind and in the noisy environments we live in.

Be in the present

The theory is that the more you focus on being in the present, observing your breath in and out, the more your body will relax and your thoughts will decrease. Sure, random thoughts will come in, but they do not have to stay. Simply observe them and let them go. If you are not used to meditating, it’s a good idea to begin with just a few minutes at a time. To sit still and quiet the mind for three minutes might sound easy, but it’s harder than you think. What will happen over time is that you will get used to the quiet, being mindful, and come to experience a deep sense of relaxation.

To reduce anxiety levels, get in the habit of practicing meditation for anxiety every day. Start off with a few minutes and increase in increments up to 15 or 20 minutes per day. A great time to do this is either in the morning when you awake or in the evening before you go to sleep. It’s alright if you fall asleep while meditating in the evening. The technique will help you to sleep peacefully.

Also, during the day if you feel anxiety increasing, take a few minutes to yourself and practice meditation for a few minutes. Take a few deep breaths and then concentrate on your breathing. You will find that within a couple of minutes your feelings of anxiety will decrease. Meditation for anxiety is great for reducing stress and for growing spiritually. Begin your routine today.

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