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How to Meditate When You Don’t Have Time to Meditate

breatheYou don’t need time to meditate. All you need is to be breathing. If you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate. Meditation is nothing more than present-moment awareness – independent of time, place or situation. It’s a state of mind that runs – is supposed to run, concurrent with all inner and outer activity. When you focus on your breathing while thinking, feeling and going about your business, all those activities are naturally clarified and empowered.

Meditation happens while living and being – not before or after any experience. In those moments when you’re not in “meditation”, you are not really aware of what you’re thinking, feeling or doing. At those moments, you’re just existing – just a step or two above a vegetable, just living a mediocre existence way below your present-moment potential for optimal health, happiness, intelligence and creative power. You may “think” you know what you’re doing, but if your thinking doesn’t have that meditative or detached awareness as an undercurrent, it has little clarity and potency.

The reason you need to utilize breathing – or anything else, as a meditation object, is because you’re easily distracted. Were you not so easily distracted, you’d stay centered or grounded without the need of an external device. You’d simply be your higher, objectively-aware self all the time, regardless of situation or circumstance. You can watch your breathing anytime, anywhere. You can witness your breathing while driving. This makes you a more alert driver and less disturbed by bad drivers or heavy traffic.

You can watch your breathing while eating. This makes you a more discriminating diner and less prone to overeat. While working, it makes you more organized, efficient and creative. Mundane tasks bore you less. Disagreeable people irritate you less. You take things in stride. While playing, your performance is enhanced. Your golf swing improves. Your reflexes are sharper. Watching your breathing while shopping prevents buying excessively or impulsively. In conversation with others, you’re a better listener and a more thoughtful speaker. In conversation with yourself you don’t get lost or carried away. In all relationships, you’re more clear about your role and how to play it more appropriately, etc.

Breath-watching doesn’t have to be constant. Just do it till you regain centered awareness, then maintain that awareness till you notice you’ve been distracted again, then return focus on your breathing again and again. With practice, you’ll stay centered longer and longer, and be disturbed or pressured less and less. You operate on a higher level of existence and the overall feeling is one of total well being — of joy, clarity, peace of mind and freedom.

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