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Five Types Of Bad Habits That Will Benefit From Meditation

Effects of Meditation PracticePeople have many motivations for meditating—some wish to be more self-aware, while others seek inspiration, or simple rejuvenation. No matter your views on meditation, there is no denying that many rely on it for a source of power in their lives. This is because there are countless benefits. You might not realize it, but meditation can be beneficial in reversing poor habits that you want to get rid of, or alter. While meditation is a different experience for everyone, when taken seriously, it can be used to banish bad habits. Keep reading to learn about a few bad habits that will benefit from meditation.


Whether you tend to forget names, birthdays or grocery lists, mediation can help. In fact, research has found that mediation stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for attention and memory. Because it requires concentration, meditation improves your focus while performing tasks and increases your productivity. It also makes you less likely to forget a friend’s birthday or that you have to pick up milk on the way home.


There are many methods for reversing addiction, and different approaches work differently for each individual and each kind of addiction. Many people try meditation as a way to gain more control over their mind and willpower, which is why it is often helpful in the recovery process. A practice called mindful meditation teaches you to accept your negative desires, such as to smoke or drink, and accept them without self-condemnation. Through focused, quiet reflection, meditation also teaches you to wait. It forces you to take control of your thoughts, which can translate into taking control of your life and conquering addiction.


This bad habit can lead to obesity and a host of health problems that come with it. Meditation that teaches you to focus on what you eat and concentrate on feeling full can keep you from taking in those extra calories. By satisfying your brain, meditation satisfies your appetite. It reduces your waistline and improves your overall heath.


Constant anxiety, worry and stress can culminate into full blown panic, which increases heart rate and can cause dangerous spikes in blood pressure. Daily meditation frees your mind from negative thought and emotion. Sitting quietly, controlling the thoughts, and simply focusing on breathing has a calming effect. It frees your mind from distractions, relaxes you and forces you to think clearly. It significantly reduces your anxiety and makes you less likely panic or break down.

Poor Sleeping Patterns

You need your beauty sleep, which may be hard when you’re worrying about finances, a new job or other problems that cause you to toss and turn at night. Meditation can fix that. Listening to soothing sounds as you meditate before bed can set you up for a night of restful sleep. We often plop into bed at the end of the night with a load on our minds. By clearing your mind before bed, you’ll be able to slip into a relaxing sleep and leave your cares behind.

Meditation is a powerful mind-body connection. Studies show that it improves your immune system, reduces stress and develops those areas of your brain responsible for making decisions, concentrating and remembering. By improving mental acuity, function and physical performance, meditation can help you overcome bad habits and enhance all aspects of your life.
Author Bio: This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for business, women’s interests, and health. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Dixie got advice for this article from the professionals at Willow Tree Recovery, a rehab center in Utah.


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