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Far From the Maddening Crowd – Find Peace With Meditation and Spiritual Retreat

Woman MeditatingIn the year 2005, I found myself among hundreds of my neuroscientist co-workers, attending a spiritual conference that enlightened us on meditation therapy. Like any other aspiring young, those were nothing but mere lectures to me. In fact, I didn’t realize its benefits until I went on a 10-day meditation retreat in the year 2010. Just as you can guess, I felt scared, anxious, lonely, depressed and restless, with almost no capacity to focus on one task. However, when I left the place, I was a completely different person – an incarnated soul. Surprisingly, I felt more confident and focused in whatever I did or even thought of doing. In a nutshell, I felt calm and energized, while still sitting in the same place. Having availed the benefits of this therapy, I thought of sharing them with my readers today.

In simple words, meditation is all about sitting silently, focusing on your inner soul, taming your restless mind, improving your thought process, and finally finding peace within. In fact, there are scientific studies that show that people who meditate are happier and better human beings than those who don’t meditate. The contentment comes with higher neural activity in the left anterior part of the brain – a place scientifically associated with positive feelings. An interesting fact surfaced in 2004, when scientists discovered that a fast and unique form of brain wave, better recognized as gamma waves, were higher in those who meditated regularly, as opposed to those who don’t. After many laboratory tests and studies, they found that these gamma waves result in better assessment skills and higher self-confidence. However, investigation continues, since in some cases these waves caused acute physical as well as mental disorders. Now, the question is – is meditation really beneficial?

In ancient times, meditation was a useful way to relieve your stressed mind and restless soul. In fact, some of them are still very popular among the psychiatric specialists. Two of them are – Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. The treatments proved unbelievably effective in lowering depression, anxiety, stress, unhappiness and other psychological disorders.

Meditation or spiritual retreat is all about taking time out of your busy schedule, which keeps us linked to endless thoughts and activities. Mostly, it’s the lack of retreat that buries us under the load of routine life. Naturally, we fail at connecting with our inner soul – something that deprives us of self-satisfaction and contentment. On the other hand, with spiritual retreat, one can meditate upon his life, values and his bonding with the inner soul. This helps us in leading a life that’s in perfect peace with our deepest values.

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