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Fast and Easy Meditation For Beginners

Woman MeditatingYou may just be thinking about trying meditation. It’s really quite simple and doesn’t have to be as profound and life altering as they make it sound in the very beginning.

Meditation is basically spending a small amount of time focusing your thoughts and attention on one particular thought or object. This lack of distraction has proved to be very rejuvenating for many,

Since it seems that everyday life becomes more and more hectic, and we are buried under a mountain of multitasking, meditation is becoming the answer for many people.

Here is now you can begin enjoying the peace that so many others have found. Meditation doesn’t have to be time consuming, in fact, you can get started in 8 minutes or less.

Here is a quick run down of how to get started.

The first thing that you need to do is find a quiet spot where you can be sit comfortably. Many chose the floor, but you can also pick a chair that has a firm back that will help you sit up straight.

The next step is to start taking slow and steady breaths. Often closing your eyes makes this easier the first few tries. Dimming the light can also help if its your first attempt.

Pick your personal mantra. This is a phrase that is very special to you and can be as simple as “I trust in life.” or “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Focus on breathing in and out through your nose. The best length for these breaths is about a count to 4.

As you breathe, repeat your chosen mantra, either by mouthing it or silently to yourself. Don’t break the silence by saying anything out loud.

When you first attempt to meditate, its best to start out with smaller sessions and increase the length as your concentration and focus improve.

For your first session, your may want to mediate for about five minutes.

After this becomes easy for you, increase the length of your session in increments of 3 minutes.

These are the basic steps to meditation. For the length of your meditation journey, you will follow these principals.

Of course, as you continue meditating you will surely increase your enjoyment of it.

If you have already mastered the basics, I would recommend taking one point and working on improving it over the next month.

As you increase the quality of your practice, move on to improving the next point.

You can also find inexpensive meditation products, such as audio music or pillows that can make meditation easier.

Here is a great resource for anyone that enjoys meditation. Aimee Raddon’s blog can be found at []

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