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Core Energy Meditation: Standing On The Shoulders of The One!

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."
Sir Isaac Newton

One Deity, many hands - use one to click and enable this image

I’ve been blessed to work directly with some of the greatest masters on the planet in the last 20 years.

Several teachers, who I consider to be among "the greats," have profoundly influenced me and what I’m able to share with you, and for that I am deeply grateful.

Kevin Schoeninger is one such teacher in my life…

For me, his Core Energy Meditation system places all the key pieces of the meditation puzzle together into a single practice that covers all your "energetic bases".  

(Check out this rare interview with Kevin recorded in 2008 where he tells the story of how he developed Core Energy Meditation, why and how it works, and why you should practice it).

And here’s my tribute to all great teachers…

In fact, I’ve been profoundly influenced by several "greats" from a wide range of fields — Qigong, NLP, Psychology, Personal Development and Marketing.  Some of these teachers I have a direct and personal relationship with to this day. 

With others, the relationship is not so easily defined or even explained. (You never know who finds their way onto your email list!) Some like to be recognized, while others strongly prefer not to be! 🙂

But I find it uncanny to this day — how world-class teachers continue to magically appear in my life at the exact moment I most need their specialized advice and support.  How and why this happens, honestly, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe I’m just lucky.

Of course they say that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear".  Here’s one thing I can tell you for certain.

If you want real progress, your attitude as the student/learner is very important.  You have to be ready, respectful, and humble, and especially so in the role of student.

In my experience, great teachers feel a strong desire to share what they know, but they usually won’t suffer fools gladly either.

Many want nothing more than to make a positive difference in your life, but the best demand that the student seriously value and respect what they have to offer.  I’ve found that humbly accepting guidance from those more "senior" than you (who you also trust and respect) is a really, really smart idea.

The Greatest Teacher of All: One deity, many hands….

Beyond that, more recently I’ve come to the conclusion that the real teacher is not any individual name or face.  The real teacher is "the one" working through many apparent individuals.

One Deity, many hands - use one to click and enable this image

Just like the image above — one deity, many hands. 

These days I sometimes see myself as a monk on the "alms round" – Yes, I expect "the one" will provide what I need, but I try to make as few demands of individuals as possible. I’m very grateful for what I receive for as long as I do, while endeavoring to be of service in all I invest and do.

So how do you know when to play the role of teacher or learner, master or student?

Quite simply, it’s whatever calls you (or not).

If you feel called to learn how to calm your mind and raise your vibration through meditation practice, then I highly suggest you check out this rare interview with Kevin Schoeninger recorded in 2008.  In this jam-packed conversation, Kevin reveals:

** The 4 dimensions of your being and how you can best activate them with meditation.

** What meditation has to do with "whole body enlightenment?"

** Your three main energy centers and how can you open, clear, and integrate them in your practice.

Please enjoy this short interview with Kevin here and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Once again, thanks for everything and please enjoy!

– Matt Clarkson

P.S. This conversation was intended for our ears only.  We didn’t think anyone else would ever hear it.   Since so many of you are asking questions about  "Core Energy Meditation", Kevin and I thought it made sense to let you listen in.  Go listen here.




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