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Is “Brainwave Meditation” Damaging Your Brain?

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about “brainwave meditation”.

Is it safe? Is it something you recommend?

How does it compare with your “Core Energy Meditation” program?


First, let’s first define “brainwave meditation”!

In a nutshell, “brainwave meditation” (also known as binaural beats) uses sound frequencies to manipulate brainwave patterns. How does it work?

A pair of headphones are used to deliver a high frequency tone in one ear. A tone that varies slightly from the first is delivered to the other ear. The brain then attempts to resolve the difference between the two tones and, in doing so, the frequencies of the brain are altered.

The effect on your brainwave patterns can be very dramatic!

These entrainment soundtracks basically PUSH your brain into lower frequency patterns. So now you might be wondering …

Is “brainwave meditation” safe? And how does your “Core Energy Meditation” program compare?

Here’s what Kevin had to say about it, then I have a few things to add:

Well, I put the term “brainwave meditation” in quotes, because, although this method is touted as meditation, it really isn’t. By understanding why it is NOT meditation, you’ll better understand what real meditation can do for you.

Brainwave soundtracks are advertised to help you to “meditate like a monk,” among other things. This claim is just not accurate.Listening-Music

First of all, monks do not use this type of technology. Second, it is NOT “like” what they do at all. Third, the effects of what monks do are different from the effects of “brainwave meditation” in SIGNIFICANT ways.

Real meditation is not about getting into a certain brainwave pattern (like “alpha”, “theta” or “delta”) or even about achieving a certain state like “bliss”.

Monks and those who practice real meditation are not aiming at these things. They are practicing a certain ATTITUDE to their thoughts, feelings and beliefs. And this is what REAL meditation is all about …

You learn to recognize your thoughts, feelings, and tensions. You learn to release yourself from the grip of your thoughts, feelings, and tensions; and you learn to consciously focus your mind as you will.

“brainwave meditation” is NOT an active process of training your mind at all, therefore, it cannot do any of these things. “brainwave meditation” is completely passive. Well, apart from
putting on a headset and pressing the “play” button. 🙂

In fact, the instructions that come with these recordings sometimes tell you that you can get the same benefits if you fall asleep while listening!

I agree with Kevin, AND, I have issues with “brainwave meditation” for other reasons besides…

In recent years, I’ve known several cases of people becoming “profoundly unsettled” or even pretty “screwed up” after doing the practice for extended periods.

This actually happened to me too, many years ago…

I was experimenting with one of the more popular “brainwave meditation” programs on the market.

At first, I found the practice to be really soothing, pleasurable, and even highly euphoric. And so I foolishly concluded that doing a LOT of it would be a good idea. Uh-oh!

Within a few weeks I became trapped in a prolonged state of anxiety, agitation, and profound “unsettledness”.

That’s when I stopped using it, but I was too late. It seemed I had opened a door to a dark place that could not be closed. It took many years and much suffering to finally get through it.

Now, I realize many folks in our community do use “brainwave meditation,” and many feel it to be an extremely safe and effective practice. Hey – if it works for you then great!

But in my experience, it was just the opposite. Ten plus years on, I’ve also seen many more cases of people having “issues” with “brainwave meditation”, some of them as severe as it was for me.

But the reason I do not recommend the practice is not just because it can stir things up (traditional meditation and inner clearing techniques do that too!) For me, all Core Level practices that affect REAL, lasting transformation are about one thing.

The purpose is to RESTORE the Primordial Essence (or what Kevin calls “Core Energy”)

Your “Core Essence” is already your essential nature —

i.e. it’s NATURAL, it’s not something you need to impose or force your way into.

But your “Core Essence” becomes obscured by the mind, covered over with bad habits, mundane conditioning, and the weight of our mental-emotional-physical blocks.

And because the layers of conditioning appear thick and SOLID, it often appears as though we need to do something drastic to get rid of it. And there’s a big temptation to grasp for quick-fixes and short-cuts to BLAST through.

LOOK: If you and I both dropped a truck-load of LSD right now, I guarantee we WOULD see things differently than the “normal” waking state. Ha ha ha ha LOL 🙂


You would no longer believe the usual things you normally believe about yourself and the world. All your logical stories about “you” and “your life,” what’s important, and what makes sense, would be GONE in a flash.

But most people are not ready for that kind of “instant revelation”.

The reactive mind often FREAKS OUT — if you haven’t built up the supporting structures in your consciousness to handle that level of awareness moment-by-moment.

In other words, it’s not a NATURAL transformation (unless it happens naturally, which is rare).

Time for another colorful metaphor!

If you never exercise, and you suddenly go to the gym and work out all day and do the heaviest weights you can find, you WILL hurt yourself. You will damage yourself.

In my experience, when you BLAST your brain to another level, you disturb the natural vitality and stir up mundane, egoic conditioning too much.

At this point, desires, insecurities, emotions, ravage the waking state. Your natural essence is disturbed — yin and yang are way out of harmony.

Emotions, cravings, insecurities, and “inappropriate will” explode to the surface in full force. Everything is out of balance and inappropriate to what is highest and best for the all, here and now.

Speaking from experience, it’s not an exaggeration to say this can feel like “pure hell”. What’s worse, you may not have a guide to help you even realize what’s going on, let alone help
you navigate the best course through it.

Granted this is an extreme possibility (it does happen to some people!) But that’s not the only reason I don’t recommend “brainwave meditation”.

In my experience, you don’t restore your original essence artificially, forcefully, or with short-cuts.

We do it NATURALLY and gradually and with the utmost care and attention. Then the adaptation is correctly grounded and routed in what is natural and right.

Meditation and inner clearing are gradual processes of refining
the body/mind until that Primordial Essence is revealed.

Core Energy Meditation is the only meditation system I’m aware of that does this NATURALLY on all 4 dimensions of your being.

You’re training the skills of real meditation across your three major energy centers: your Mind Center, your Heart Center and your Body Center (and Central Channel to provide the Spiritual integration) .

It’s not passive — it’s something you’re actively engaging in.

And it’s not “too much” or “disturbing”. You are gradually developing awareness, which naturally and smoothly, dissolves mundane conditioning and reveals the Primordial Essence.

Read all about it and take the 3-minute meditation quiz here:

I hope you’ve found this post helpful in knowing what kinds of spiritual growth practices are best for you. At the end of the day, you have to do what you feel is right for you.

My suggestion though, is that you only work with natural practices that gradually restore your Core Essential nature.

Key questions to always keep in mind:

“Is this action natural, supportive, and nourishing to the whole system?”

“Is this practice naturally nourishing the Primordial Essence?”

Happy practicing,

– Matt Clarkson

P.S. Take this 3-minute meditation quiz and discover why traditional methods may not be working for you, and how to NATURALLY balance your 3 major energy centers:

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