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Basic Yoga Meditation For The Beginners

meditationIn Western culture, it’s believed that the gap between the actual body (what we have) and the ideal body (what we should have) is increasing. The gap is attributed to two major causes: lack of exercise and unhealthy diets that lead to obesity and serious health issues such as diabetes.

In searching for ways to counteract this unhealthy trend, many people are rediscovering yoga. The term refers to the involvement of mind and Body, and unity of mind and soul. Practicing of Asana through the Pranayama can indeed bring the body flexibility, a calm mind, and balance. Five simple points that are to be followed are: Proper Breathing, Proper Diet, Proper Exercise, Proper Relaxation, Positive Thinking and Meditation.

Yoga meditation gives its practitioners something nothing else can: an introduction to the different avenues of themselves. And yoga meditation can also bring calm, tranquility of better health, mind, better life, personal insights, better relationships, spiritual insights, true sense of overall wellness and philosophical insights.

A number of studies have uncovered that the yoga meditation can very much significantly affect the nervous, musculoskeletal, circulatory and endocrine systems. Using various yoga postures can also assure well-being by tapping our bodies into the self-healing wisdom. Yoga meditation can also build balance, flexibility and strength without the injuries that are common to high-impact sports fitness activities.

Yoga meditation can boost immunity, reduce stress – thus helping the body protect itself against chronic diseases, diseases such as heart and cancer disease, that are associated with lowered immune systems.

The following is some basic information for beginners interested in exploring the amazing world of yoga and enjoying the benefit it provides.

Hatha yoga is one of the meditation structures. Each breathing and each posture practice is considered a meditation form. Hatha yoga is extolled for calming the breath, mind and body. About an hour of meditation can provide the serenity and peace that will keep an individual feeling relaxed for a couple of hours. This can be a very good meditation practice.

Asanas can be used in place of exercise. The founder of Yoga teaching, a man by the name of Sri Bhagavan Patanjali, says the literal meaning of asana is a posture in which brings steadiness and comfort. Asanas therefore are practiced with extreme ease and comfort.

By comparison, traditional exercises are performed with the fast movement and certain amounts of strain that accelerate waste energy, breathing and draw circulation to the body’s surface. The result of traditional exercise is that it draws on vitality to develop the body’s muscles at the cost of internal glands and nerves.

Neti is a cleansing way of Yoga for the nasal passages. This is an extremely powerful technique, and yet the simplest in practice. It has been extolled as a wonder-worker to relieve suffering from allergies, chronic sinusitis and asthma. The effect in relieving hay fever, an infection of the upper regions of the respiratory tract, has been described as “remarkable.”

Over 40 million people within the United States suffer from sinusitis. And most of them have failed to find relief through antibiotics. Neti or Jalaneti is the best way of treating sinus conditions naturally.

Neti also has proved effective for those who want to quit smoking. This technique works because neti re-sensitizes the nose to tobacco smoke and deprograms the brain from physical and psychological addiction.

Those who have not yet tried yoga meditation are encouraged to do so. This form of meditation has rightfully earned praise for its aid in achieving a great mind and healthy body.

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