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A Very Easy Meditation Technique You Can Do Now

You can breatheThe Calm Down Breath is a very easy meditation technique, and the foundation for practicing energy management.

It is simple but quite powerful – soothing and processing your energy, emotions and pain in a safe, natural way. And you can do it any time, and anywhere!

To perform The Calm Down Breath:

1. Place your hands on your heart and your belly

2. Close your eyes (optional)

3. Inhale through your nose the word and idea “Calm” into your lower hand

4. Hold for a count of 5

5. Exhale through your mouth the word and idea “Down”

6. Hold for a count of 5

7. Repeat steps 3-6 at least 5 times, or in multiples of 5 as needed

The number 5 in numerology represents Change, so if you want to shift your situation from overwhelm to calm, cycles of 5 are energetically important!

Please use this technique whenever you feel pain, stress, over-stimulation or overwhelm. It pairs well with soft, instrumental music or white noise.

Personally, I have used this to relieve insomnia, migraines, and acute pain.

I have students who have reported that they use this for anxiety, anger, and preparation & recovery from surgery.

Once you’ve gotten used to The Calm Down Breath, you can add in a Grounding Visualization, to deepen your relaxation.

Grounding Visualization builds on practicing The Calm Down Breath. It helps you dispose of excess energy by connecting to the Earth.

This technique is deeply calming and helps the letting go of tension and stress emotionally, as well as physically.

To perform a Grounding Visualization:

1. Make sure you are sitting or standing with both feet flat on the floor

2. Begin doing The Calm Down Breath

3. As you breathe, become aware of how your feet feel on the floor: feel them as heavy, warm, pulsing, vibrating or even try to trace the shape of your feet / footprints

4. Once your feet feel warm and heavy, exhale and imagine roots growing deep down into the Earth, as if you’re a tree

5. Then, when you feel that connection to the Earth, begin to inhale and imagine the Earth / natural energy flowing up through your feet into your body

Students of mine have said they feel more “stable” after doing a Grounding Visualization – feeling physically more stable and solid in their body, but also emotionally more stable because the worries and frustrations are relaxed away in to the Earth.

Be kind to yourself.

Practice makes progress, and progress creates happiness.

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