Meditation Methods

4 Marvelous Meditation Techniques for Spiritual Growth

One of the 4 easy steps to meditate deeplyMeditation is an ancient ritual that is perfect for individuals seeking a bit of peace, quiet, and inner reflection into their daily lives. Make it a point to dedicate a few minutes each day to your meditation goals and spend some time reflecting inward.

You can sit in the same position for hours without noticing it when you’re happily engrossed in some favorite activity like watching a movie or surfing the Net or working on a hobby. But try to do something you find boring or unpleasant – especially an activity as strange and unfamiliar as turning your attention back on yourself and following your own breath or paying attention to your own sensations – and suddenly every minute can seem like an hour.

In order to achieve the proper meditation, you may need to practice certain techniques or bring along special devices that will enhance quality of your meditation session.

Guided Meditation Programs

The biggest benefit of guided meditation programs is that they can save you a great amount of time. And the biggest hurdle for beginners is just to get started at meditation and the meditation programs of listening to taped sounds are great for that. If you are a beginner and have no teacher and absolutely need someone to hold your hands with guided meditation, you might consider the recorded meditation programs such as Holosync, Hemisync, and QMP to get started at meditation.

Mantra techniques

Mantra recitation (called ‘japa meditation’ in India) or the continued recital of a religious prayer in tune with the breath, have you listening to sounds recited over and over again. In these methods, the wandering mind is eventually silenced through the continuous listening but after that mental silence appears, what remains is the awareness.

One point Focus

In this method, the practitioner strongly concentrates one-pointedly on a thought so that all wandering thoughts surrounding that selected thought/image subside into silence. Meditators who succeed with this method also produce a true mental realm of peace and quiet.

Breathing techniques

When the breath is irregular, then the mind will be unsteady, but when the breath is controlled, then the mind will also be controlled, calm and one-pointed. If the breath ceases moving, then extraneous thoughts will die down. We use the calming of the breath as a form of approach to cultivate mental peace and chi, because chi and consciousness are linked.

Lots of methods use different aspects or avenues to get you to realize emptiness of your mind, and that’s what you need to understand. A lot of routes are valid, but the majority of them being taught today are wrong. It’s almost as if the true dharma is non-existent anymore. If you can understand that, you’re on your way to guiding yourself through correct techniques and principles of practice.

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