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Tips to Help You Become a Morning Person

There are tips to help you become a morning personThe saying “early bird catches worms” is still true up to this day. Research reveals that morning people are more productive and successful compared to people who love working at night. Furthermore, studies also show that most successful CEOs rise as early as 5am. But, if you are more of an evening person it is never too late to change. Here are some tips to help you become a morning person and helpful suggestions about gradually changing your internal clock:

Stick to a morning routine and don’t think about bedtime.

The first thing to do to change your internal clock would be to set a regular morning routine. Wake up, eat breakfast, exercise and then do the rest of the tasks once you have completed your early morning regimen. The more you stick to your morning routine the easier it will be for your body to change its internal clock. Our body loves to anticipate those things that we are doing to ourselves on a regular basis. It may be difficult during the first week but it is very important that you stick to your morning routines and don’t think about sleeping. Otherwise, you will only be suffering from stress once you keep on thinking that you are not sleeping at the same time of the day like you used to. Just do your tasks for the day and don’t worry about sleep because your body will seek it eventually. And, always remember that the same routine must be observed even on weekends. Once you become tired after a hard day’s work it will become easier for your body to sleep at night.

Buy your own smart alarm.

Many people would love to use alarm apps or clocks that allow them to set it in a snooze mode where they can still go back to sleep for ten more minutes and still expect for the alarm to sound again. However, this is not a good alarm to use if you want to develop your body’s ability to wake up early. It is best to use a smart alarm in which you will be asked to solve a specific math problem or puzzle to be able to turn it off. This is one good way of starting your morning with an active mind and helps you avoid that temptation to go back to bed again. Alarm clocks that allow you to use different songs in random are also good to use instead of those alarms that use the same song to wake you up. Hearing different songs every morning is like hearing different stimulus each time which will allow you to rise and shine as soon as you hear the alarm.

Allow enough amount of light to enter your room.

Make sure your window curtains do not cover your windows completely. Leave enough space for the sunlight to enter in the morning and force you to get up. But, if it is winter and it is already 5am, better use bright lights inside your bedroom to make it easier for your body to send signals to the brain for it to stop producing melatonin-the kind of hormone that controls your sleeping pattern.

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