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Tips for Anxiety Sufferers – How to Overcome Anxiety With Positive Thinking

This woman is missing the joy in lifeI am a depression sufferer.

My first thoughts of suicide were when I was around 11 or 12 years old. I am now 36.

Now, while you might feel sorry for me I can honestly say that I am a better person (by the grace of God) for it.

You see, it is completely possible to learn techniques that will enable you to overcome the underlying cause of depression, which, in my opinion, is anxiety. Anxiety, in essence, is worry. It is worry that has evolved into a constant, nagging, dark pit of concern that is so deeply rooted in your being that you have this deep, dark, empty hole inside that can not be filled with anything… This hole just keeps getting bigger and bigger and there is seemingly nothing that can be done to stop the growth…

Do not despair.

In order to overcome anxiety you have to realize a few things.

1. The power of your mind (as designed by the Creator) is much more than any outside circumstance.

2. You can train your mind in such a way as to actually be able to physically turn a negative emotion away, and choosing to feel a positive emotion.

3. You can start to train your mind right now.

The first principle of this training is “awareness”. You have to be aware of… EVERY… SINGLE… THOUGHT… that goes through your mind. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he… The wisdom of the Bible has been proven to be eerily accurate for millennia. So please take this to heart. Your thoughts determine your state of mind. Or as Qui-Gon Jinn would say: “Your focus determines your reality”.

How is this applicable to anxiety sufferers? The first step of conquering anxiety comprises of a different focus. Think about what you are thinking about. Do not let your thoughts control you anymore. Control your thoughts. Be aware. Start a diary if you have to. Implement a system of categorising thoughts. If a thought that is overall negative pops into your mind, catalogue it and designate it as negative and not to be indulged. No two people on this planet are exactly the same. Congruently we can then understand that no two people on this planet think in the same way. This means that my method for cataloguing and designating thoughts will not work for you. What will work for you is the principle.

  • Be aware
  • Think about what you are thinking about
  • Catalogue
  • Designate

A warning: Conquering our thoughts is not a game that can be played when we feel like it. It is a life-long commitment. Once you start you can not afford to stop.

Encouragement: As you start and keep going you will find that you can do it better every day. Your innate mental capabilities will start to take over and you will start to discover new, empowering ways to bring order to the chaos of your mind and thoughts.

These principles can be applied to any part of your thought life. Your daily walk, your finances, and your plans for the future.

Start to take control and realize your full potential.

I believe in you.

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