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Why There’s No Health in HealthCare

pills for healthcareDid you know that a leading cause of death in the United States is medical treatment?  How could that be?  We debate over whether or not everyone should have access to our healthcare system, while the safest thing might be to stay away from it.  Obviously, something is faulty in how we view health and what it takes to maintain it.

The problem begins with how we view our bodies and what makes for health. We begin with the assumption that our bodies are simply chemical systems.  Our intervention then is in the form of chemical manipulation.  From that point of view, whether it’s indigestion or depression, we operate as if illness is a “drug deficiency.”  We deal with symptoms not causes—and, of course, this all makes a lot of money for those who deal the drugs.

So what other view is possible?

What if, as other medical systems around the world have known for centuries, the human body is an amazingly intelligent bio-energetic information system?

What does that mean for health and illness?

First, it means that chemical processes are secondary to what is happening in the bio-energetic information field of your body.  It is the free flow of bio-energetic information in this field that initiates and guides the chemical processes.  What is happening in this field also programs and activates the DNA in your cells.  When there is disruption of this bio-energetic information flow, there is illness.

What is especially powerful about this realization is that it recognizes the tremendous self-healing ability of your body and the power you have to positively affect your health.  Here are four things you can do right now to facilitate a healthy cellular environment and increase the smooth flow of bio-energy:

1. Exercise consistently doing some form of cardio exercise, strengthening, and stretching.

2. Eat a variety of fresh, whole, organic foods in as close to their natural state as possible.  Foods in this form provide the bio-energetic structure and nutrients that your body thrives on.

3. Begin your day with some form of conscious relaxation, prayer, or meditation to bring your body and mind out of stress mode into calm, conscious, clarity and inner connection.

4. Throughout the day, practice thoughts and feelings of appreciation, gratitude, and trust.  Appreciate and be grateful for the opportunities and gifts of each moment.  Trust that you are always provided for and witness how this is indeed the case.  One rule of consciousness is this: “You experience what you are looking for.”

Do these four things every day and you will revolutionize your health and well being and grow positive results in your life.

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