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Take Time Out – Guilt Free

take time out to enjoy your hobbyYou want to take time out for yourself – even one hour and you just can’t seem to make it happen. You would love to do something creative and inspiring. You want to feel more relaxed, peaceful, relate better with your family. You don’t think you are sabotaging yourself, but you could be. You’re sure you’re managing your time efficiently. So why can’t you take a break?

What prevents you?

Time management is not usually the issue. The cause is the underlying feelings and beliefs that prevent you from nurturing yourself with some time out.

Here are some examples:

Feeling guilty: Guilty feelings come from the sense that you have broken your own rules or moral code. How did you come to have a rule that is detrimental to yours and others well-being? Does it serve you? Feeling Selfish: Time out is self-care not selfish. Playing the martyr: Believing you’re too important and the world will stop turning if you’re not there to supervise and direct. Believing you don’t deserve it: We all deserve time out. Nobody deserves it more or less than anyone else. This is the opposite of Martyrdom – the limiting belief is ‘I am less important than others’ Believing there isn’t enough time: You prioritise your time based on your values. Valuing your well being above your other values will automatically change your actions.

Some actions you can take:

Start simple: If you can’t imagine taking time out then write a list of what you would do if you made free time. Write down the benefits of taking time out. Explore your positive intention for not taking time out. Start affirming: “I deserve free time for me.” Instead of feeling guilty or playing the martyr see the damage done by not taking time out e.g. feeling stressed, the affect on your health which in turn forces you to have time out anyway. Being intolerant of others. Making more mistakes at work. Simply start: Take the time out in spite of guilt or other counterproductive thoughts. Notice the ripple effect of how taking time out benefits you and those around you. (Notice that the world still turns without your control.)

If you can’t image yourself having time out and not being any happier for it you may have larger underlying issues that need addressing. You might need to address lack of career satisfaction, lacking purpose or progress. Taking time out is essential for a healthy balanced life.

Through values and goal setting exercises, belief management and simple strategies, Allison Bright’s clients gain awareness and change negative patterns to achieve instant results. Her coaching techniques provide an easy and enjoyable process to a healthy harmonious lifestyle. To learn more go to or email¬†

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