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The Secret To Cure Anxiety: Distract Yourself!

anxietyToo many things that are happening in this world can make anyone become anxious over what’s to come. That will be true if you have a history of chronic anxiety and depression. It’s sometimes difficult to cope with the situation when the panic sensation is attacking you out of nowhere.

Anxiety is caused by too much preoccupation toward something that you may not want to think about. For instance, if you think too much about disease and poverty, you can easily get anxiety, and on your mind, it will be even worse if you are easily depressed. In order to preserve your mental health, you have to try to remove yourself from the attachment toward the grim reality, or gloomy thinking.

It doesn’t mean to get out from reality completely. It only means that you have to stop focusing on what’s wrong about your life.

Think about it. Everyone has their own ups and downs in their life. Nobody has the perfect life. By focusing too much on the bad side, you are taking your life too seriously, and it will only make your life even worse. Why? That’s because anxiety can produce panic and depression, and in some cases, phobias toward something completely normal. It can also ruin your happy mood, which means that you will no longer be able to experience happiness in life.

There is one little secret that you can apply to cure your anxiety at the time, which is to distract yourself. Yes, you have to move your attention toward something different than your normal thinking pattern. Instead of thinking about the things that are going to make you more anxious, you simply help yourself out by moving your attention toward something that you enjoy doing. In this way, you are effectively ignoring your anxiety.

Here are a few steps that you can take:

  1. Whenever you feel the panic attack and anxiety starts to take over your mind, you have to be aware of what you are thinking right now. If you are thinking about negative thoughts, just be aware about it.
  2. Now, stop thinking about those bad thoughts and remember something that will naturally make you happy, that you enjoy doing yourself. For instance: watching movies, playing some games, walking around the block, gardening, going to the beach, and so on.
  3. Then, do the things you enjoy doing when you feel the anxiety intensifies within your mind. You have to tell yourself right now, “Okay, I’m going to stop this anxious feeling now. I’m out to the beach!”
  4. Get absorbed in your new activity.

And there you go. You’ve handled your anxiety in an effective way. Try it the next time you feel a sudden panic and anxiety attack in your mind.

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