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Snow Geese in Flight at SunsetThe thing about getting comfortable is that we tend to take for granted the things around us, even ourselves. We become so comfortable with our own skin and our old ways that we don’t want to change in fear of being different. So we become complacent. We accept all the excuses we can think of in order not to try anything new or out of the box.

That was my story a year ago. I have been single for the past 8 years and with no permanent relationship and living my life as I please, I never saw a need to change the old me. I said to myself I was happy the way I was, how I looked and how much I weighed. I was packed at 5 ft flat and weighing 163 lbs. I reasoned everyday that I feel great and that I was content. How I looked was the least of my concerns; or so I kept telling myself.

But a year ago I met a friend who changed my perspective on health and being healthy. I thought exercise was a waste of my time and it’s all for vanity. And since I claim to be so not vain, I refused to get into an exercise program, saying it’s not for me. Thanks to my ever persuasive friend, I finally gave in to his nagging and put on my walking shoes. Not running shoes because as I said I am not into exercise.

I started walking at six o’clock every morning for thirty minutes almost everyday. For the first few days I kept complaining but lo and behold, it started to make me feel lighter and the natural high that I get after walking was starting I start to appreciate. In fact, I started to look forward to it and started to walk longer. And because my friend was bent on converting me, he suggested I started eating oatmeal in the morning and cut on carbohydrates.

It wasn’t a welcome idea but I tried it just to make him stop nagging me and guess what? In a month’s time of walking and the not so strict diet; since I can still eat fairly anything except carbohydrates, I lost 5 lbs! Imagine that! And from someone who doesn’t care about how I looked and weighed I was pretty amazed at how good I looked! I looked younger and I felt great!

Gone are irregular heartbeat, cholesterol went back to normal; I forgot to mention it was a tad bit elevated. I looked good on my clothes better than I used to and I was less grumpy and anxious! This feeling kept me going. And so what was once something I wanted to do to stop my friend from nagging me became a habit that I took to heart.

After six months of living a healthy life and enjoying the process of doing it; I have lost 15lbs and I love it! I can wear the clothes I have secretly coveted, I feel good and happy and I am at the prime of my health!

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