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New Year’s Resolutions for Stress Relief

Finding a anew hobby is a great resolution for stress reliefRoughly one in three adults starts the year with strong resolutions for a better lifestyle. In fact, few actually succeed to live up to the commitment to achieve their resolutions. At the beginning they are full of zeal and enthusiasm, but as time goes on, they find it hard to keep up. The secret is making goals that are realistic and being constant in focusing on them. Stress is one of the health concerns that affect millions of lives across the world, and you can make New Year resolutions that can help you reduce stress and improve your overall health and productivity. Below are some resolutions for stress relief to consider.

Commit to Lose Weight

Obesity is one of the health problems affecting many people and it is also one of the factors contributing to stress. You can commit to lose weight by living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a strict weight-loss diet. Losing weight isn’t as easy as it seems and people easily get discouraged around the sixth week. It is important that you get a support system in place to boost your morale when you encounter bumps on the road. Other things that can help you lose weight and achieve wellness is going to the gym or working with a fitness coach. You’ll get a lot of encouragement when you enlist the services of a seasoned professional. You should not expect to get good results overnight. If you work constantly on this for a year, you’ll achieve your goal to lose weight.

Get Enough Sleep and Rest

Stress can result from lack of sleep or overwork. If you want a stress-free life, then you have to commit to creating a balanced lifestyle. It can’t always be about work. You should give yourself enough time to sleep and rest. Less sleep can make you less productive, more reactive to stressful events in your life, and more sensitive.

Reconnect with Old Friends and Family

Research shows that people who are well connected with their loved ones live longer and are healthier than those who feel lonely. Your New Year’s resolution can be to reconnect with family members or friends who have fallen by the wayside. In reality, the absence of social ties can cause a lot of health problems, suggests a 2010 study published in Plos Medicine. One of the advantages that today’s technology offers is the ease to connect with others, so use social media to reach out to loved ones and friends, and follow that up with personal visits.

Give up an Addiction

It can be very challenging to give up addictions such as smoking, drugs, and alcohol but it isn’t impossible. If you have tried in the past and failed, you may possibly think that your situation is hopeless. You can start by talking to someone who has successfully given up an addiction and you’ll understand that the path to success is made up of many failed attempts. You may want to try the different methods to find out what works best for you. In the event that you really find it hard to let go of an addiction, you can work with an addiction specialist. In fact, there are rehabilitation centers everywhere, with resources, tools, and professionals who can help you go through the process without much difficulty.

Go on Health Retreats

It is not difficult to find people who work so much that they hardly have time for relaxation. With a good health retreat, you can rejuvenate yourself by undergoing bespoke programs, juice fasting, yoga exercises, healing, detoxification, raw food, fertility, weight-loss and other wellness programs. People who take time off within the year to shred away things that can be harmful to their health often come back to work full of energy and motivation. Going on such retreats is one of the ways you can love and take care of yourself.

Develop a Hobby

Going back to things you did as a child is one of the best ways of remaining sane and healthy. Give yourself the chance to have a lot of fun, to exercise, laugh, and stretch by cultivating a good hobby. A regular hobby can be a good outlet for mental stimulation, a resource for a balanced lifestyle, and a tool for stress relief. A good hobby can also give you the positive kind of stress that keeps you alive and full of energy.

Minimize Your Clutter

Whether you’re disorganized or overloaded with work, it’s a given fact that living in chaos can cause a lot of stress. Many people suffer from stress because of the additional emotional baggage they carry with them. If you’re among those who live amid a lot of clutter, then culling it can be a healthy resolution for the New Year. If you’re not well organized then you can be sure that you’ll experience a lot of frustrations in life, including lost items that you can’t find on time, late payment of bills, missed appointments, and many others. Being organized is a skill that isn’t developed overnight, so it is important to be very patient and kind to yourself.

The above are some of the New Year’s resolutions that can help you manage your stress and have a healthier lifestyle.

Alex Pejak is a health blogger currently working on a few projects in Australia. She’s interested in topics related to well-being and natural healthcare. She suggests visiting On Track Retreats in order to tackle your weight and bring positive changes into your life.


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