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Your New Story in 2014

Write your new story in 2014I admit it. I LOVE my new 2014 planner calendar! Or any year for that matter! It’s not that a new calendar is really neat and clean, it’s that it’s also full of opportunity and hope, a blank page upon which to write your new life story.

You see, your life RIGHT NOW, is a direct reflection of every choice you have made up until this point. You are absolutely not a victim of random circumstance. You have always had the power to choose so you also have the power to create a new story – if you really want one, by making different choices. For example, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and get in shape. Starting January 1 you will have the choice to sit on the couch or go to the gym, you will have the choice to grab a cookie or not. You will have the choice as to how and where you will spend your time achieving this goal, this new story. That’s where your new calendar comes in!

Did you know, that you are 33-95% (depending on which study you read) more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? Imagine writing your goal or goals in the front of your new planner, then scheduling the activities that support those goals? Imagine not allowing other people to sabotage your efforts or more likely, not allowing your goals to be self-sabotaged?

Here is some advice – if your goal is big, your reason for having the goal must be as big or bigger, otherwise you won’t do the hard work and you will allow obstacles to continue to trip you up. For example, many people tell me they want to get more organized. Then they find out how much work it is. If they wanted to get organized because other people were telling them they needed to, there’s a very good chance they will fall short of their goals. If they wanted to get organized because their clutter was negatively affecting their life, the lives of their family, their career, and they keep that goal at the forefront of their minds, they are much more likely to muscle through the hard work.

When setting a goal get very clear about what achieving that goal looks like, how it benefits you, how you will FEEL when it is accomplished. Write all that down. Then carefully create an action plan for achieving that goal, writing down all of the steps you need to take. But don’t stop there. Use that clean, new calendar to SCHEDULE those steps, just like making an appointment, but with yourself. Keep in mind, if your goal is that important to you, then it’s important enough to carve out time to achieve it. An “intention” isn’t going to be enough to push you through. Putting something on the calendar is a “commitment” to yourself and the person you want to become. This then becomes the blueprint, the path to your new life story.

By Susan J Bohenko

As a Professional Organizer and Certified Life Coach, I work with my clients to create a clutter-free environment and lifestyle. Because of the relationship between one’s physical environment and one’s habits, behaviors and state of mind I encourage my clients to continue our relationship beyond the physical organizing process through Coaching, providing the support they need to achieve the lifestyle they want. For additional information please visit my website

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