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How To Handle Panic Attacks: 3 Daily Exercises For A Panic Free Life

JournalingIf you’ve ever had a panic attack, you know how frightening it can be. The sudden and intense fear, the crushing chest pain, and the breathlessness, not to mention the overwhelming sense of doom—it’s enough to make you wish you really were dying!

As you know, panic attacks can strike at any moment and for no particular reason, leaving you feeling like you can never truly relax. Instead, you find yourself tense and anxious, on guard for the next mental assault. Unfortunately, this innate defense mechanism only makes the problem worse, and pretty soon, you feel as if there’s no relief or escape. It can be terrifying and disheartening.

There is hope, however. Did you know that studies have shown that changing your thought patterns can help keep panic attacks at bay? Imagine being able to enjoy your life again without the constant fear of being stricken with anxiety at a moment’s notice. You can! Use these daily exercises to stop your panic attacks in their tracks. Oh, and one more note: even if you’ve never had a full-blown panic attack but just want to know how to relieve your stress, these practices can help you too!

1. Take Deep Breaths- Physically and Mentally

Physically taking deep breaths throughout the day can help you slow down your heart rate and lessen the chance that you’ll find yourself in panic mode. When you take a deep breath, you focus on the one thing most important to life—oxygen! If this works for the body, then why shouldn’t it work for the mind too? Guess what? It does. Whenever you find yourself feeling anxious, just focus on the one most important thing in your life at that moment. It could be the report you’re writing or something as simple as putting on your child’s shoes. Just let every other thought slip away and focus on doing that one thing to the best of your ability. You won’t believe how free you’ll feel!

2. Use Affirmations

Affirmations are short statements, either spoken aloud or to yourself, that help put you in a positive mindset and even manifest positive changes in your life. You can use affirmations for virtually anything you want out of life, including a sense of calm. Try some of these panic-blasting affirmations to get you through the day stress-free:

• Everything is as it should be.
• I am at peace with everyone and everything around me.
• I accept what happens today.

3. Keep a Journal

Sometimes, we get very good at swallowing whatever happens to us in life. Just to survive and keep moving forward, we bottle up our emotions, telling ourselves they don’t matter or that things will get better. While this can be a great coping mechanism in terms of productivity, it can also backfire. We all have our breaking points, and when things get too heavy to handle, we become particularly vulnerable to stress and yes, panic attacks. That’s why keeping a journal of our thoughts and feelings can be such a great answer to the question of how to relieve your stress. Writing things down on paper helps you think through them and get them off of your chest. Try journaling every night for a week, and you’ll feel so much lighter, you’ll be

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