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How To End Complacency and Bloom Forever

How to end complacency and bloom like a roseIn your personal development, you are either growing or dying. There’s no in-between, no status quo. A flower grows to full bloom and then dies. There’s no point in its flowering when it stops blooming. It grows without intermission.

In reality you have no choice but to be and do the same. Bloom till you die. Live till you die. You are at your peak right now – just keep on peaking. Keep on tweaking. Keep opening those buds, spreading those wings. Be always content with the material but never the spiritual.

Being complacent in any area of your life means thinking you’ve “arrived,” but there’s no such thing as a state of arrival or finality. The arrival point is always moving, always changing. Just when you think you’ve arrived, life moves the goal posts. As soon as you’re satisfied that you’ve found happiness, the happiness turns to sadness because it’s not true that you’ve “found” it. True happiness is infinite, and anything infinite cannot be found and cannot be owned. It can only be experienced and enjoyed from moment to moment.

Likewise, when trying to achieve any personal goal or break any unwanted habit or addiction — as soon you think you’ve beaten it, it returns. The erroneous attitude of complacency caused you to drop your guard, relax your diligence.

Complacency thinks that winning is permanent, but nothing in the universe is. Nothing is forever. You are always a work in progress. Winning needs to be consciously and constantly maintained — which is the definition of wisdom.

As soon as you’re satisfied you know all the answers, new questions and circumstances arise to prove you wrong. “Pride goeth before the fall.” As there is no end to happiness, love, wisdom and power, so there’s no end to questions and answers. Insecurity is about not knowing all the answers, but if you know that such is not possible, then you can let go and relax. You can not only live in uncertainty but love and relish living in it.

Uncertainty is what keeps you alive and kicking. Now you can live in total confidence and acceptance — knowing that everything is up in the air and never comes down, that there’s no end to anything, so anything is possible.

The body can’t fly but the spirit can. The physical is bound, but the spiritual is limited only by the imagination. Complacency says you’ve arrived; imagination says, don’t stifle me; there is so much more — always so much more. Why stop now? Why stop anywhere?

Einstein said, that next to compound interest, “The imagination is the most powerful force in the universe.” The imagination of infinite growth, wonder and joy is, in reality, the only place to live.


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Bill, this reminds me of the saying “Life is a journey, not a destination”, which has always intrigued me because I am a goal oriented person and the destination is what it is all about. I’ve been trying to do better enjoying the journey, and your article really spoke to me. Thanks for sharing it!

Angela, thanks for the comment. The Zen philosophy of goal achievement is not to aim then shoot, but to aim and shoot at the same time. The idea is to know you have arrived before you even begin. This makes the journey more fun and creative rather than stressful.

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