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The Hidden Danger Of Raising Your Energetic Frequency!

In this week’s post, I described how to escape contracted states of consciousness like apathy, grief, sadness, anxiety and fear. I showed you the path THROUGH active and expressive energies, and then beyond into harmony and joy.

We talked about the importance of breaking up contracted energies held in the body with these rarely known meditation techniques. I also invited you to my free “Abundant Energy” Online Event where I’m going to train you to do this right (and hopefully save you some of the debilitating mistakes I’ve made!)

Today, I want to show you more. Are you ready?

** How To Escape Apathy, Grief, And Fear For Good! **

The first step to moving through (and out of) negativity is to awaken what I call “the sleeping yang” — active energies like frustration, anger, rage, and courage — that are mostly REPRESSED in contracted states of victim-consciousness. You might say welcoming the re-emergence of the yang is a “blackened nimes” sort of experience, and herein lies the danger:

First, notice how you instinctively respond when active energies begin to emerge now in your awareness…..

>>> If you have a feeling of superiority that I would even suggest such a thing, then great. That’s called “pride” and it’s a good example of the more expressive energies I’m talking about. 🙂

>>> If you feel “oh no!” or some other kind of resistance, that’s understandable too. In fact, that’s the name of the game in contraction and victim-consciousness — resist, distract yourself, and otherwise repress these active energies. Repressing the yang is how we stay small and keep playing the victim! That’s fine. 🙂

>>> If you feel some excitement that something is emerging, then good. But here’s the greatest danger in this:

As the yang begins to re-emerge once again…. When active energies suddenly explode into consciousness, and you begin to feel the call to movement inside, it can be exhilarating for some people…

As the yang sparks and awakens, you suddenly feel a burst of energy and power. Now you feel in control, like you want to jump to your feet, and it feels good. Instead of feeling weak, you feel strong, powerful, alive, and in control.

Some people like this. Some even get addicted. Those trapped in contracted energies are often afraid of it, or feel repulsed by it.

Sometimes, when yang energy is even more active now, you can see how you’ve allowed yourself to play victim to “the others”, and so the desire to turn the tables will be there in the background. That’s why we all need to learn…

How To Find The Right Balance Between Yin And Yang!

Without any awareness of “the sleeping yang,” you can bet you’re playing victim and feel weak, insecure, and “unworthy”.

On the other hand, attachment to the yang is another dangerous sticking point. It might feel better than contraction, but it’s still a stuck state when you’re attached.

The answer is in the welcoming of active energy and then letting it go — and the natural, more stable balance that can then begin to emerge.

Now, the secret to transcending victim-consciousness is to harness “the dark side,” use this power for good, while welcoming and letting go of your attachment/aversion to it.

If you’ve seen the original Star Wars movies, the story culminates in Luke’s confrontation with his Father, The Dark Side, and the Emperor himself (ha!)

You’ll remember in the final scene, Luke confronts his Father with the intention of peaceful reconciliation. But the Emperor cleverly tempts Luke to succumb to his anger and “turn to the dark side.” Luke is wise to the danger.

The pivotal moment comes when Vader threatens Luke’s beloved sister will be his next victim. Luke suddenly explodes into a furious (and appropriate) attack and quickly disarms the Dark Lord. But rather than exacting bloody revenge, Luke surrenders his rage and calmly tells the emperor where to go.

This is an image of active energies being harnessed and used for good, without attachment.

You can do this too. That’s right, welcome your active energy, use the power for positive action (i.e. join me for more training here), and then surrender it to higher power.

Just like Luke, when you’re fully aware of and released on your “active energy,” you’ll naturally use it for good at the right times, and know when to drop it before it consumes you (cf. Hexagram 1, line 6).

And remember, if you really want to escape apathy, grief and fear, then you have to get the body moving to break up contracted energy!

Join me for my free “abundant energy” event and I’ll show you how – there’s no heavy metal here — I promise! My “abundant energy” routine will show you how to move THROUGH all negativity and skyrocket your energetic frequency to a new level of joy, love and harmony.

Best of all? You have a free pass as my guest. Join me HERE:

Thanks, and I’ll see you on the brighter side! 🙂

For your highest you,

– Matt Clarkson

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And may your full force be with you %$firstname$%. 🙂

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