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Five Common Myths About Treating Anxiety And Stress

Common myths about treating anxiety and stress include avoiding things that bother youThe reality is that everyone will experience some form of stress and anxiety throughout their lives. Although some people quickly recover from their bouts of anxiety, there are others that deal with the negative effects of anxiety in their daily lives. Improperly treating the tension will only elevate the level of uneasiness. Here are five common myths about treating anxiety and stress:

Myth: A relaxing glass of wine will make things better

Although alcoholic beverages promote relaxation, using alcohol to self-medicate is very dangerous. Instead of helping the issue, alcohol can temporarily mask the underlying source of the problem. If you do decide to have a beer or two, make sure that you are already in a laid-back state of mind.

Myth: Anxiety pills always work

Contrary to popular opinion, anxiety medications can sometimes cause more problems than they fix. Furthermore, many anxiety medications can become additive if used on a long-term basis. If you attempt to suddenly stop taking the medication, you may experience some disheartening withdrawal symptoms. Try all of the less risky options before resorting to medication. Reputable studies have indicated that exercising can be just as effective as taking anxiety pills. If you do need to take medication, consult with a doctor often about the dose and brand you need to effectively help you.

Myth: Avoid situations that cause you to feel stressed

Avoidance is never a good way to treat anxiety. The key is to focus on managing your stress levels. For example, long lines at driver’s license office may cause you extreme anxiety. Instead of looking at the situation from a negative perspective, try to develop an optimistic outlook. You can view the situation as an opportunity to meet new people or catch up on reading. Because you can’t avoid all stressful situations, it’s important to learn how to handle your stress when you are put in that position.

Myth: Anxiety always warrants a visit to the psychiatrist

Psychiatrists provide a very valuable service to people with extreme anxiety. However, most people can treat their own anxiety issues by taking a vacation or visiting a relaxing environment. Getting a massage in a relaxing environment can greatly help to decrease daily stress. Find a place that works for you to meditate and escape the daily stress in your life.

Myth: Anxiety is not a real medical condition

Although the level of anxiety varies from person to person, anxiety can become a major health concern. Aside from the mental stress, anxiety can also cause numerous physical ailments. It is a real health concern that should be treated just like other conditions.

If stress and anxiety are beginning to wear you down, take the necessary time to refocus the priorities in your life. Oftentimes you will find that taking a break from all of the daily drama will help to revitalize your life.

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She writes about health, family, home and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing. She recommends getting massages at places like Emerge Spa in Boston as an option to relieve daily stress and anxiety.


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Yes, I think avoiding stressful situations is one thing I do too often. It’s important to learn to deal with the stress, rather than run away from it.

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