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Feeling Anxious? Are You Making These 3 Self-Sabotaging Mistakes?

By Carolyn M Bennett-Sullivan

Woman feeling anxiousWhen anxiety strikes it’s easy to fall into a pattern of fear based thinking. Let’s face it we all feel anxious from time to time. So what are 3 mistakes you can avoid when you’re feeling anxious.

Mistake 1 – Denying your feelings. No one likes to feel anxious, I mean it’s downright uncomfortable or worse, right? And yet when we feel anxious sometimes it’s easier to just try to tell ourselves “I’m fine, everything’s o.k.” when inside our gut is wrenching. When we deny our feelings we hold onto those emotions physically in our body which causes more stress on us physically and emotionally.

Try this instead. Allow yourself to feel the anxiety, take 3 to 10 slow deep breaths and ask yourself why this situation is making you feel anxious. More than likely these feelings are coming from a past experience. Acknowledge that your emotions are a part of you.

Mistake 2 – Making a decision when feeling anxious. Unless you’re in a life or death situation, taking action when we’re anxious is fear based and typically results in a less than wonderful solution. And a decision coming from a place of  fear closes our mind to the possibility of making a decision based on what’s in our best interest.

Try this instead. Take time to get centered and feeling emotionally neutral before making a decision. If you can take a break from the situation and then come back to it. You’ll feel calmer, have greater clarity and be open to more solutions.

Mistake 3- Focusing on what happened in the past. Anxiety and fear typically are caused by the memory of a past experience. Those memories cause us to feel anxious about our current situation. But does our past have to predicate our future? No. So thinking the outcome of the current anxiety producing circumstance will be the same as before sets us up for more of the same.

Try this instead. Focus on the best possible outcome that you’d like to happen. By focusing on your desired result and not what’s happened in the past you open your mind to more creative thinking which allows you to create better solutions. Better solutions for you means a happier, healthier you. When you feel happy and empowered those feelings of anxiety occur less often and when they do, it’s easier to accept them, move through it and move forward in your life which allows you to be a better you.

And here’s a Bonus Tip. The best way to consistently overcome feelings of anxiety is to practice being present in the present moment and to use tools that help you move through feelings of anxiety to empowered serenity. Claim your FREE copy of “From Sad to Glad” when you visit today. Brought to you by Carolyn Bennett-Sullivan dedicated to helping you discover and live your ideal purpose.

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