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Feel Your Bliss: Turning Your Shower Time Into Your New Sensual Sanctuary!

The shower can be a sensual sanctuaryIn my last article I told you to relieve stress by getting naked.

I thought long and hard about this and realized….I couldn’t top it. So I thought I’d match it instead.

I was in my shower when I came up with this one, and I sort of began to notice that it has become my new routine after work. Frankly after a long hot hard day at work the only thing I want is an even hotter shower to wipe away all the stressors and I’ve also realized that it actually does the trick, so here is what we’re going to do.

We’re going to enjoy our shower time, turning it into a sensual sanctuary.

  1. Go and get yourself one of those fancy shower heads with all the different settings. I bet the massage settings change your life. They work best on the back of the neck and lower back I find.
  2. Buy one or more of your favorite candles – because hey if we’re going to make it special we may as well go all out.
  3. Go to the store you feel most comfortable in and get one of those “special” toys.

Now I don’t know about you but when I am in my shower, I am the most beautiful woman alive. I say this because there is no one to tell me otherwise. I full on live out those sexy shower scenes in all the commercials because hey a) who is there to stop me? And b) who’s going to know? Exactly, no one!

Now that you have all your tools, pick the time of day or evening that works best for you and light your candle.

Take your time and let yourself relax at even the idea of getting into the shower – think about it, twenty-thirty minutes all to yourself. If you can try and add some music, via a radio or iPod connected to a stereo – this really helps set the mood and makes sure you can’t hear anyone on the other side of the door.  (Clever no?)

Once you’re in the shower, go through your usual routine, wash your hair your body etc., but take your time. Let your fingers explore through your hair, run them down your body nice and slow, let yourself be sensual, with yourself. Allow time for exploration, like in the last article I want you to take time to appreciate your body but not just intellectually or even just sexually but just as a person.

Take a moment to remember what it was like before your body became a tool for everyone else’s needs – before you became an employee, a mother a wife a lover. Remember what it was like before you were a fully grown talking woman and explore what you need to. That may mean playing with your toes, or with other areas. I know this seems ridiculous but go with me here.

When you’re done washing and rubbing the soap down your body like you are the fiercest sexiest woman alive, grab your toy, and yes play. Bring yourself to a mind numbing soul shattering orgasm and enjoy the hell out of it, and take your time for crying out loud. There is absolutely no rush.

Why, you ask do I say play?  When was the last time you brought yourself to orgasm? To do it not just to get off, or for the pleasure of your partner but for you? When was the last time you enjoyed that three-five seconds (or if you’re lucky, ten minutes) of pure uninterrupted unadulterated pleasure?

Let me tell you a secret that men figured out eons ago. Masturbation is fun. It isn’t about pleasing someone else, it is about pleasing me. Myself. And I.

It is about taking ten minutes to just enjoy myself – ten minutes that no one else gets of my attention or me.

Now of course this isn’t going to solve every problem you have in your life – but it will I promise you give you ten minutes of pleasure, in which you can just enjoy being the amazing person you are.

If you prefer baths over showers, the same rule applies. However I would suggest if you are going to take a bath, use a product called “Color Bath”. The idea is to use color ology to help you relax (and yes you can use it without the special “toy”.    I can honestly say it is one of my favorite products, as each color is designed to invoke a different feeling, from confidence to creativity depending on your need. You can I am sure Google it.

I wish you all the very best with your shower. While I do not need details I’d like to know if it worked for you. I’m also open to suggestions so click comment below and let me know how you relax.


Devon Hallgate created as a way to inspire people to stop hating their bodies; she also writes for Finding Ohna and loves every moment of her shower time. She also loves fan (and hate) mail so feel free to send her either.




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that title made me lol so hard. SO much better than the one I sent you guys. <3 Hope you all enjoy reading as much as I loveed writing!

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