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Face Your Fears: Six Fears That Cause Unnecessary Anxiety In Your Life

6 Fears That Are Causing Unnecessary Anxiety In Your LifeUnnecessary anxieties can be painfully debilitating. Avoiding the things you fear most can cause more anxiety, depression, and even lead to more health problems. Here are six prevalent fears that have a tendency to interfere with the livelihoods of all people at one point in their lives.

Change And New Things

The thought of trying new things can be traumatically scary for people with neophobia. Every instance of this fear can be equated to a lost adventure or experience. People that grapple with this fear often succumb to a stale routine, which at least allows them to maintain some semblance of stability by eliminating the chance of unpredictable events. Try making things in your life as stable as possible, but be prepared for change. For instance, if you suddenly get promoted at work or change departments, you can lesson this fear of change by getting to know others at work. Prepare yourself mentally for change, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need.

Being Alone

Many people are simply terrified of being alone. Unfortunately, this condition deprives them of vital contemplative moments. Without enjoying occasional solitude, people can lose their own identities. If every second is spent in the company of others, decisions will have a tendency to be made based on community input. The lack of individuality breeds psychological issues with dependency that must be resolved. This can also mean that some are afraid of dying alone, never getting married and more. Talk to a professional about ways you can overcome this fear. If you don’t like being physically alone in the house, consider giving others their space by allowing yourself some alone time in a nearby room with the door open.


Traveling by airplane can really cause a lot of anxiety for some, making it difficult to visit family or perform their job duties. An inability to fly drastically limits one’s travel options. Often times, shying away from the sky can confine a person to regional vacations. If they want to go a long distance, they have to be prepared for an extended journey by car or boat. There are many ways to overcome this fear, and traveling with loved ones is a great start. Ask your doctor about medications that can help you relax on a flight to avoid anxiety weeks before your trip.

Doctor and Dentist

The inexplicably pervasive societal fears pertaining to professional oral health practitioners must be addressed. A staunch refusal to visit the dentist will generate endless health issues. Skipping important doctor visits allows existing problems to perpetuate, and it also disavows preventative care entirely. Regular trips to a dental office can painlessly facilitate years of comfortable eating, but people eschew this assistance based on unfounded worries. Remembering long-term benefits is the quickest way to avert this terror. Sometimes, all it takes is a new dentist or doctor to help ease the patient of their fears. Be sure to work with health professionals that can answer all of your questions and explain their process to help you feel more at ease.


Often times, people are subconsciously overly concerned with germs and bacteria around them. Germs comprise common fears that need to be faced. Mental fixations on sanitation can become mentally consuming. Eventually, the desire to avoid infectious encounters results in an aversion to any social setting. Such extreme standards for cleanliness simply cannot be fulfilled, which means this fear can generate a lifetime of struggles with compulsion. To start overcoming this fear, be sure to wash your hands before and after you attend a dinner or social gathering. Keep hand sanitizer on you at all times to use instantly when needed, instead of feeling anxious about going home to shower or finding a bathroom to wash your hands.

Insects and Pests

While most people experience fear of spiders, mice and more at some point or another, this fear can quickly become debilitating. Many refuse to go outdoors or travel for fear of these insects and pests that could cause health problems. Some people even feel uncomfortable in their own home. To start, contact a good pest control company to rid your home of any problems. Take bug spray with you while outdoors, and start small with vacationing ideas. Instead of camping, visit a city and stay in a nice hotel to make you feel more comfortable.

The aforementioned fears can be tremendously debilitating, but no one has to live with their phobia forever. With steadfast willpower, anyone can overcome the fears that hold them back from achieving a dream life.

Author Bio: Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She writes about health, family, home and business.A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing. Find a friendly dentist that is willing to answer all of your questions and explain different treatments is crucial to helping you overcome your fears of the dentist, suggests the professionals at Dentistry on Wilson.

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