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Every Writer’s Guide to Conquering Mental Block

Mental block is common and it should not discourage you from doing your thing. All great writers have experienced it at one point in their careers. There are times that great writers get stuck in the middle of their novel. If you experience to be staring at the computer screen or left with a blank page on your typewriter for older writers then you may need to conquer mental block. Here are some ways that you can overcome your mental block.

Woman with typewriter.Have a schedule

When you have a schedule you can coax your mind when to write and you can easily ignore mental block. When your mind shows up for writing during the same time each day you will get a muse all the time. It is best to have a goal of number of words to do each day so that you will not get burned out and will be avoiding the anxiety and stress that comes with not having a muse.

Do something creative

Step away from what you are writing and do something creative. Paint a picture, do some poetry or if you can design some images using Illustrator or Photoshop. If you are masculine try doing things around the garage. You can start cleaning the carburetor or replacing the brake fluid in your car and find ways to arrange your tools in a neat and organized way. Doing other things can help jumpstart your creativity. It will also help exercise the part of the brain that is responsible for creativity and soon enough you will find the muse to make you write again.

Do some yoga

Yoga is another great way to keep your mind off on what you are writing and help you collect your creative juices. This may not be common but you need to have a relaxed mind to be more imaginative and creative. When you are free from anxiety and stress the writing will just flow naturally. You can focus on the task on hand longer. The quickest way to regain your composure is to do deep breathing exercises. This will steer your anxieties away and allows you to concentrate better.

Write at an early time

When you wake up in the morning your brain is fresh and has rested. This is the perfect time to squeeze some creative juices. The brain is in Theta mode when you wake up in the morning about 4 or 5 a.m. That is why people would seize this opportunity to write even if they have yet to drink their morning coffee.

Set some deadlines

Many writers have trouble keeping deadlines. But when you are forced against time it can be a push that you need to perform. Knowing that someone needs to have your work at a specified time can help produce material that you would otherwise be unable to do so.

There are many ways to skin a cat. The important thing is to make your mind clear and focused. Try to do some exercises and stick to a healthy and balanced diet. It will help you steer clear of diseases and also keep your mind as sharp as a tack.

For more tips on beating writer’s anxiety, please check out Calm Clinic’s Youtube account.

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