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Effective Self Help Anxiety Treatment

StressStress, anxiety and panic are an inherent part of our life; but it is considered normal till it causes havoc over your mental peace and disrupts your lifestyle. The most brutal form of anxiety disorder is anxiety attacks also known a panic attacks. Anxiety attacks diminish the quality of your personal and social life and have to be treated either with cognitive-behavioral therapy and natural therapy – also known as self help anxiety treatment; apart from administering medication.

Although, most patients would consider medication as the most reliable and ultimate option for treating anxiety, studies however indicate a different trend. Most patients suffering from anxiety (at least 80 percent) who are prone to anxiety attacks may not respond to medication. This reduces the chances of treating anxiety attacks with medication, making way for alternative or natural therapy.

Effects of Anxiety

In spite of anxiety being a medical condition, there are certain physiological adversities too. As anxiety attacks threaten to jolt mental and physical health, certain physiological discomfort like headache, dry mouth, chest pain, palpitations of the heart, nausea, shortness of breath, stomach aches or even sexual dysfunctions may be evident. It is utmost necessary to treat anxiety attacks at the very preliminary stage to prevent further repercussions.

Apart from that, there are also psychological effects of anxiety leading to acute depression, aggression and even suicidal tendencies. Apart from prescription medication, which may not be much effective in some patients with acute anxiety problems, you can also treat anxiety attacks with natural or alternative therapies; a few of which has been discussed below:

Effective self help anxiety treatment

Good sleep: A good sleep is one of the prime priorities in treating anxiety and preventing anxiety attacks. Scientific studies have revealed that human beings on an average require at least 6-7 hours of sleep. Studies have also revealed that people suffering from anxiety can reduce about 50 percent of anxiety by following a sleep regime of 8 to 10 hours. This is also beneficial for curbing the chances of frequent anxiety attacks.

Relaxation: One of the most effective anxiety self help treatments, relaxation techniques like Yoga, meditation, dance, aerobics and even listening to music can soothe your nerves and relieve you of anxiety and panic attacks. Try to keep calm and your nerves under control by not reacting impulsively to situations around you. Also try not to ponder over past trauma and distract yourselves from unpleasant thoughts and incidents.

Exercise: We all know that a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Exercises will not only help in rejuvenating your energy but is also likely to be a deterrent against anxiety, panic attacks, chronic stress or depression. Moreover, exercises not only keep your body fit, but are also excellent stress relievers. It will be an excellent self help anxiety treatment if you can try doing some exercises for at least 10-15 minutes twice a day – in the morning and before retiring for the night.

Diet: Appropriate diet also has a significant role to play in treating anxiety attacks. Clinical research has shown that certain foods play an active role in triggering anxiety attack. One of the most deadly amongst those is coffee. Therefore, it should be the first thing to go off your diet chart. The other food that may worsen anxiety in excess is cow’s milk products, refined sugar honey and maple syrup amongst a few.

Keep yourself busy: Keep yourself busy in something or the other. Let not, your idle mind, be carried away in thinking about problems and worries that may lead to anxiety or panic attacks. This is another procedure you can use for effective self help anxiety treatments.

If you are wanting to treat anxiety other than medications, then I suggest you follow self help anxiety treatments. Visit the author’s website for more information on effective self help anxiety treatments available to you.

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